It’s July, and a celebration time for Cancers, ruled by the moon so we are awash in emotions. It’s summer fun time. Picnics, Parties and Swimming Pool time. It’s a time for fun……or rather I should say it should be. But this July is a turbulent one, because the Winds of Change are headed our way and things are looking kind of over the top stressful for a lot of us.

Neptune Retrograde – Feeling “Off” For Many

Neptune is retrograde, making us partly in, then partly out of our bodies, feel “off” or detached. (and Neptune doesn’t force really, Neptune makes our minds go a little loopy/dreamy so we look at all the possibilities and get a a bit overwhelmed at the options.) Neptune is forcing us to look into our SOULS and find ourselves. Our true selves, not the ones society has placed upon us. The real, authentic YOU is screaming to get out, but you can’t quite figure out which way to go, and Neptune wants you to dream some more, so just chill and don’t push yourself in to decisions, or force yourself to work hard when you’re just not in that head space at all.

You’re sifting through old Karma and trying to see your path along the way, the wrong turns, the right ones, of seeing yourself almost from the perspective of sitting your shoulder. There is a real underlying confusion here, and a strong sense of bewilderment. Neptune rules the Spiritual, his domain here is Pisces. Catching Neptune is like trying to catch water in your hands. Let it go, he can’t be caught. He shows us the possibilities of the greatness of the Universe, and our roles therein. He can also be the trickster, making us confused and upset and for some, even devious, to get their way.

It’s your time to choose to be a positive Spirit – or not, and find the courage to show yourself to the world, and risk getting laughed at, finding your inner strength to be bold and be you – in a gentle rhythmic way, like a dance.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Cosmic Headache + More Soul Searching

Saturn in Sagittarius is pulling on Mars and the Sun in Cancer, giving us a cosmic headache. Saturn is about the material world, you would not have a planet to live on but for Saturn’s energy. And he bears a heavy burden, in that his job is to make us grow and learn and be better when he leaves us, than when he got here, though your perspective might be “who is that guy making my life so HARD right now!” The structure of our world is mostly off balance. It doesn’t support the many, it is stifling creativity, and it is more and more demanding that we conform. This is not freedom, this is not how life is supposed to be here. We must break our chains and shackles and reshape the society we live in and accept that everyone is different and no one is the same.

We are a garden of wildflowers, being trimmed and shaped into artificial plants. It’s why so many people are unhappy. We are living a life of lies, to each other but mostly to ourselves. Follow the artist in you. Follow the adventurer in you. Follow your dreams. Be wild and crazy or be conservative, but do it because its you not because you think you should. Security is an illusion as any older person can tell you. Life always has its ups and downs, no matter how hard you plan. Life will always surprise you. Saturn, with all his painful methods, wants you to be authentic, yes be solid and stable and grounded, but after that what? Go out and explore yourself!

You ARE Energy, You ARE a Being of Light! Embrace It!

We are all here for a reason right now, more so than many times in history. We are energy. God is energy. Planets CREATE energetic paths. Each one in our solar system rules a different part of our life, and Saturn is about GROWING UP and getting STRONGER. Neptune is about remembering where we came from. We are not our bodies, and Earth is not our natural home. We are Light Beings, trapped currently in matter (our bodies) by our own choosing, to be here now to learn from the heavy duty Cosmic energy that is at play here, and the intensity of it all is crazy making!

Embrace your friends and family as Cancer cherishes her family.

Laugh and have some summer fun. But also get ready for some serious upheavals in our life. August is going to blow your mind, with two Eclipses, one a total solar eclipse conjunct Mars. Its like a volcano going off. Our lives are going to be stretched and pulled and pummeled for a few months, and this crazy energy in July is just the beginning. Get strong, get bold, get creative and try to see the glass is half full no matter how much crazy comes down the road.

You will have adventure and excitement and chances to change too, and live our lives the way we want to, not the way we’ve been told we have to. The next 3.5 years is about reshaping our world, by reshaping ourselves. This is WHY you are here now. A chance to remedy some of your old karma and be free of it forever, and a chance to have more FUN and reinvent yourself.

See you in August when my forecast will rock your world!

Much Love & Success in becoming more Authentic,


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About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at

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