If you’re feeling a little jittery today, you can thank the Sun’s square with Uranus. This energy will give you the motivation to get ready and prepared… but for what, you’ll be a little unsure of. So, you may feel a little restless as you’re ready and rearing to go without much direction.

Sun Square Uranus Transit

Under a Sun Square Uranus transit, you’ll feel the urge to make changes, shake things up and embrace new and exciting adventures. Uranus is the planet known for shock and surprise, and with the Sun’s influence over this transit, you’re likely to welcome those shocks and surprises with open arms.

That said, the anticipation of what’s to come could make you a little impatient. This is especially true of the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Uranus can cause rebellious behavior so it’s important to remember that your frustrations could lead to impulsiveness, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes these actions will pay off… but not always.

If you’ve been harboring any feeling of boredom towards an area of your life, like your job or a relationship, today may not be the day to make hasty decisions with lasting effects. Or, on the flip side, it might give you the confidence boost you need to actually make the change you’ve been craving.

During this transit, you’ll feel more confident to stand on your own two feet, you’ll want to launch towards what you want and you’ll look for positive change. Your creative side might light up too.

Conversely, you may feel stressed and insecure, but this transit calls for you to be flexible and open-minded in order to harness the positive traits of this special planetary alignment.

How To Act During A Sun Square Uranus Transit

During a Sun square Uranus transit, keeping busy might be the best way to keep your feelings of restlessness at bay. You’ll often feel like you want to do something new and you won’t like being bored. But it’s important to not act rashly while you’re finding things for yourself to do.

If you can, stick to a routine and only ‘do’ things that don’t have lasting consequences. Making big moves today may come back to haunt you. If you do have the motivation to do something drastic today, sleep on it and do it tomorrow if you still want to!

About Rose Foster

Rose May Foster is a writer for Numerologist.com with a penchant for the lighter side of numerology, astrology and all things divination. Often found in the depths of the Twitterverse or scouring #hilarious Instagram accounts, Rose uses YOUR thoughts as her research to bring tongue in cheek and binge-worthy articles that'll have you LOL'ing along with her!

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