Here we are, entering another year and looking forward to new experiences. January is one of the most difficult months of the year for some people, however, and you may be wondering what the stars have in store for you this month.

This January is a time to rediscover who you are and what you want out of life. It’s time to shed the layers you may have accumulated during 2020, to let go of the stress and emotional exhaustion. It’s time to let your inner child come out and play, to express itself in a creative manner.

Expressing your talents this January will not only allow them to unfold further, but it will also provide an outlet for some of the more melancholy vibrations that are often associated with this month.

An Overview of January 2021 

We remain in Capricorn season for most of January, which brings a more serious attitude for most of us. Capricorn is a sign focused on responsibility, career, finances, and hard work. 

This may explain why we feel motivated to turn over a new leaf when a new year rolls around. When the Sun is in Capricorn, it’s much easier for us to concentrate on chores and projects and more difficult to focus on our relationships and hobbies.

On January 6th, assertive Mars moves into stable Taurus – a placement that does not necessarily bring out the best in Mars. 

Mars likes action and drive, while Taurus often prefers a more mellow approach to life. Taurus likes to move slowly and take its time, and Mars may feel stifled or irritated by this placement’s pace. Taurus relates to values, so it’s important that you practice patience, as it may indicate a time when getting projects off the ground and running proves more difficult.

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 8th, sprinkling a bit of spontaneity and increased creativity into your conversations with others. 

Aquarius is the zodiac’s humanitarian, while Mercury is the planet of communication, information, and the sharing of ideas. This transit helps your thoughts enter more progressive, community-oriented territory.

Venus is also making moves on the 8th, moving into responsible and reserved Capricorn. 

Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and romance – and it doesn’t feel quite as expressive as usual when it’s in the emotionally reserved sign of Capricorn. You may feel more focused on your business and financial relationships than your social or romantic connections. And as Venus is related to finance and luxury and Capricorn rules the 10th house – the House of Career – an increase in focus on your career is expected. 

This energy encourages you to reevaluate your financial goals and form relationships and networks with those who can advance your career.

There is a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn on January 13th, a time for New Moon rituals, manifestations, and setting intentions – especially those regarding your career and your desire for success. Because Capricorn is so focused on financial stability and hard work, manifestation work is favored when connected to these aspects of life.

The Sun enters progressive, futuristic Aquarius on January 28th, amplifying our eccentricities and intellect. 

While the Sun transits through this sign, it will be easier for you to think outside the box and find creative solutions to any challenges you may be facing. This is also a time to embrace spontaneity, new experiences, and exploring new ideas.

Finally, a Full Moon in the sign of Leo occurs on January 28th, bringing you out of your shell and helping you embrace that inner child who wants so desperately to come out and play. 

Leo is a Fire sign, filled with feisty, social energy that encourages you to let go and have some fun – energy that brings a bit of light to the heavy emotions that are typically associated with a Full Moon. Use this Full Moon to let go of any grudges or hurt that you’ve been holding onto, any criticisms that you found it nearly impossible to move on from. 

A Full Moon ritual can help you find the most healing during this transit. 

Now that we’ve gone over a few of the major transits occurring this month let’s take a look at what the stars are bringing to each sign this January!

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What Does January Mean for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


You may find it difficult to get back into your normal routine after the holidays, Aries, especially thanks to your ruling planet, Mars, moving into calm and relaxed Taurus. 

A lack of motivation and a feeling of frustration may be prevalent themes this month, so finding an outlet for more challenging emotions is a must. Try to use this time to discover new forms of creative self-expression, allowing you to connect to your spirit and your emotions in a productive, healing way.

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This month could include some difficulties for you, Taurus, especially regarding your goals and routines. 

It’s hard for you to stick to your plans this month, as Mars – the planet of action – is cozy in your relaxed sign. It may be more beneficial for you to focus on self-care and heal this month rather than trying to get projects up and running or trying to accomplish big things. 

Increasing self-care will also help you feel more confident, resulting in deeper connections within your relationships.

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With your ruling planet, Mercury, moving into a fellow Air sign, this is the time to focus on new ideas, research, studying, and expanding the mind. 

You may even receive visions, messages from the Universe, or flashes of insight this month, Gemini. Pay special attention to any ideas that spark your passion and help you feel more alive and creative – these ideas may lead you towards new and exciting opportunities.

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You may feel right at home this month, Cancer, as there is an emphasis on self-care for you. When you practice being kind to yourself, you grow and evolve without even trying, increasing confidence, intuition, and creativity. 

Practice new techniques that you haven’t tried before, whether meditation, yoga, or crystal healing, to determine which self-care practices are most beneficial for you and your spirit now.

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This month, there is an emphasis on physical health for you, Leo. You may have been a little rough on your body during the previous year, and now it’s time to turn things around for the better. 

Try to focus on eating whole foods, exercising, and meditation to help you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle the new year. Starting good habits now can lead to lasting results. 

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You’re relatively comfortable with the energy present this month, Virgo, especially with so much earthy, Capricorn energy permeating the air. 

You’re quite literally in your element – Earth – and enjoying the motivating energy that comes with it. But it’s important that you take time for relaxation as well or you may become physically and emotionally burnt out. Make sure that you’re leaving room in your calendar for self-care and hobbies to avoid overdoing it.

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Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving into Capricorn this month, Libra. This energy helps you feel more grounded than usual – but it may also lead to serious moods or heavier energy than you’re used to. 

While accomplishing great things is possible this month, you should be sure to connect to your lighthearted side as well. Creativity is an excellent way to express both positive and negative emotions this month.

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You are focused on your finances more intensely than ever this month, Scorpio. But it’s important to remember that worrying and stressing out about money are never good ways to draw more abundance into your life. 

If you want to attract more financial security, focus on gratitude, manifestation work, and setting your intentions as often as possible. Focusing on the abundance you already have is a surefire way to bring more in.

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This month’s New Moon (as well as other luminaries) occurs in your 2nd house, Sagittarius, the House of Finances. This means that your manifestation work regarding abundance is amplified not only throughout January but during the New Moon in particular. 

This New Moon is an important time for you to set your intentions – the more you work with this energy, the more abundant the following year will be for you.

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This is your season, Capricorn, and with so many transits surrounding your sign occurring during January, your confidence and essence are amplified. You feel more like yourself than you have in a while, and this is a feat worth celebrating. 

Practicing gratitude for who you are and how far you’ve come will create a foundation of stability and self-love for the year to come. Don’t give into dark thoughts this month, but rather try to focus on ideas that engage your passion.

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There are quite a few transits occurring in your 12th house – the House of Hidden Secrets – for you this month, Aquarius. This month may shed light on information that was previously hidden, either from you or within you. 

Pay attention to strong emotional reactions or feelings that pop up for you this month, as these may indicate an important message from your intuitive center or the Universe itself.

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Yours is a Mutable sign, Pisces, and there are five other planets in Mutable signs this month, meaning that you may feel more scattered and chaotic than usual. When you feel stressed out this month, try turning to creative outlets, especially dance or music. 

These activities will help you connect to your center while releasing any pent-up frustrations you may experience this month. Remember, when you’re frustrated, turn to art.

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This month marks the beginning of a new year, bringing with it a sense of excitement and the hope of new possibilities and opportunities. 

However, there will always be challenging transits and aspects during any month of the year, and this month it’s crucial that we try to focus more and more on the positive and the abundance flowing our way! 

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