solar eclipse march 2016PinThe Solar Eclipse in Pisces will take effect on March 8. Themes such as compassion, spirituality and intuition are highlighted during this time.

Eclipses have powerful affects, especially when they connect with personal planets, such as your Sun sign. Find out how this Solar Eclipse will affect your sign over the coming months:


The Solar Eclipse stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your sign gets bored easily so can be uncomfortable ruminating over theories and concepts. Over the coming months, listen to your instincts around your assumptions as they may prove correct. Pay attention to your dreams as they may not be as cryptic as you think.


Under the influence of the Solar Eclipse, joining groups of like-minded people will bring you opportunities that could change the course of your life. Reach out to your social network and tap your friends for help as they may hold the information you’ve been looking for. If single, you may start to see your buddies in a new light. Be open to new acquaintances while letting go of the friendships that no longer serve you.


This Solar Eclipse is powerful one for the Twins as it’s in your career sector. This means it’s time to make a change to your current position. The adjustment may be difficult to make but new circumstances won’t come about until you do. Over the coming months you have the power to set your destiny but it will require flexibility and an open mind.


It’s time to expand your consciousness as the Solar Eclipse takes effect. You may be wondering about the higher purpose of your life and will pursue more of a spiritual path over the coming weeks and months. Step out of your comfort zone and travel to a different culture or diving into academic work will help you find the answers you seek. This is a time to ‘find yourself.’


The Solar Eclipse activates your sector of intimacy. For single and coupled Lions, this is a time to connect with someone on a deep and intimate level. To be able to deeply share your desires with another will bring a new perspective to all your relationships. Also, the next few months will be a time for sharing money and resources so a cooperative attitude will be what’s needed.


Relationships will be on your mind over the coming months as the Solar Eclipse ignites this area of your life. For single Virgo’s, it’s a pivotal time to meet someone who will have a deep impact on your life. For the attached, taking your relationship to the next level through an intense connection will fulfill your appetite for intimacy.


This Solar Eclipse is a powerful trigger for you, Libra. It falls in your sector of diet and fitness so over the coming months be sure to put a new health plan into action. This time will be different as the influence of this Eclipse is all about being flexible and adaptable.


Lucky Scorpio! The Solar Eclipse triggers your sector of romance and recreation which means there’s a promise of good times. Taking a risk or a gamble may pay off in spades. If single, this will be a time to settle into a long term relationship. For coupled Scorpions, this celestial energy is all about combining romance and intimacy.


The Scorpio Solar Eclipse activates your domestic life. There may be challenges on the home front over the coming months. If you’re considering a renovation or move it will be best to wait until later in the year. This influence could create tension and is fraught with emotion. A skeleton may come out of the closet.


Under the influence of the Solar Eclipse now is the time to start thinking about expanding your horizons. This can happen through either a course of study or travel. Also, your relationship may change with a sibling or neighbor so be open to possibilities over the coming months.


The Solar Eclipse offers new beginnings around money and possessions. Aquarius can make splurges every now and then, and over the coming months you may be making a large purchase or a long-term investment.


March is a powerful month for you, Pisces. The Solar Eclipse is in your sign which brings forth opportunities to make major life changes. Release bad habits to transform your life. A Solar Eclipse is a time of beginnings and endings. This means you can’t move forward until you let something go.