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Mars and Saturn go to war in a high pressure week when details matter and tempers flare. Persuasion will be more effective than force in conflicts – and there will be lots of those – but the week ends on a much brighter and more optimistic note.

aries bigARIES

Mend bridges with colleagues by focusing on what you have in common. Shared goals create a buzz of excitement this week, but try to avoid falling out with people over religion, politics or other hot-button topics.



Passions run high in love and the drama is mounting. Be spontaneous and in the moment with your partner, so that something different and fun gives you a break from the pressure cooker environment.



Conflict with your partner reaches stalemate this week – have you forgotten that you’re both on the same team? Trust the intervention of a loving family member, who may be able to resolve this better than you can.



You’re struggling to get others on board with your plans, but only because they don’t really understand what you want, need or are doing. Better communication on your part will open to doors to greater co-operation.



Taking too many risks this week will end in tears – what’s wrong with the tried and tested option? Focus on where you know you can succeed, as that will bring you a valuable boost to your self-esteem.


virgo VIRGO

Family disagreements may dominate your week, but as the Sun arrives in Virgo you can rise above it all, with a renewed sense of purpose and calm determination. Follow your instincts with difficult people.



Someone is taking your words out of context, or deliberately twisting what you say. For this reason, too much company is toxic this week – you’ll be much happier enjoying some quality time on your own.



Money issues cause much frustration now, especially if you can’t afford a vacation or hobby item you’d really like. Life doesn’t have to be so expensive – find imaginative and creative ways to have fun on a smaller budget.



You’re blowing hot and then cold in your personal life, which is frustrating to your partner, friends and family. Try to figure out what you really want. In your career, your vision is much more straightforward and optimistic.



Instead of trying hard to keep something secret, let it all out. What’s the worst that could happen? Clearing the air – and your conscience – means you can move ahead with a greater sense of freedom and honesty.



Social interactions are difficult this week as people feel argumentative and all too easily offended. On a brighter note, though, your love life gets a beautiful boost and your deep emotional connection with your partner grows stronger.



Seek support from your partner when work related issues get you down. It’s not the best week for your job, but hang on in there. Time spent at home with your lover will more than make up for the ill tempered vibe with colleagues.

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