Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Mars charges across the sky in an intense backward dance as it goes retrograde. This phenomenon only happens every couple of years, so it will be good to look back at your experiences in 2016 and 2018 to check how the past Martian retrogrades affected your life to make it with Mars’s current fiery tango. Were you able to find diplomatic solutions to all the drama and conflicts that came your way? Do a rewind and see what you have learned in previous Martian backward spins.

Mars is a hot and spicy planet which can be undesirable if its full force is applied to the stew. This planet is highly aggressive since it divides and conquers, provokes wars, and loses its temper. Balance is the key as all people have Mars in their charts. Your free will gives you a chance to either harness these Martian energies constructively or destructively. Mars will enter its native sign of Aries, and temperatures are bound to sizzle for a call to war. This may manifest in your life as an urge to assert your rights, fight for what you believe in, and set boundaries. Keep your cool in the face of authority, limits, and all factors that may frustrate your goals and desires.

The big, bold planet of Jupiter enters workaholic Capricorn this week, which can get the wheels of your career humming a jovial tune as long as you stick to the rules. If Mars has set you off to crush it at work, Jupiter and Capricorn’s alignment may give you a magic boost!

Finally, the Sun trines Jupiter, which gives a rain of abundance and fresh energies that inspires feelings that one can do anything after the Martian cosmic fires. However, the Sun’s opposition with Neptune in Pisces is a warning to keep your feet on the ground and keep it real.

Overall, the cosmic vibrations will throw serious issues to the fore. Still, instead of giving in to emotions which can only result in a shipwreck, benevolent planets ask you to roll up your sleeves and do the nitty-gritty in work and business to make brighter days possible.

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