Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

The aftermath of a Mars Retrograde may find you shell shocked as the war planet continues to quake on the cosmic sky. Are you finding yourself letting all hell break loose? Found your foot full-throttle on the gas pedal and gone beyond the speed limit? If you have barely survived a car crash, ease up on Martian hyperdrive and put a firm hand on that steering wheel! Although Mars gets you geared up for a battle to assert yourself, it is crucial to keep your cool. Count to three and maybe even ten in every situation that frustrates you and gets your hackles up. Have patience with lovers, friends, co-workers, and noisy neighbors.

The Sun trine with stable Saturn and transformative Pluto is a lucky break that can give you the breather and self-control you need in rising temperatures. As the dust settles, you will find having renewed respect for yourself and others.

The stable and reliable forces of the Titan planets pave the way for you to level it up in your work and career. It is a good week to get yourself interviewed for that dream job! You will come across as reliable, determined, and ready to commit for the long-term.

Capricorn and Virgo’s influences make it easy for you to adult up as it refines your professionalism and gives you a realistic perspective on things. Expect to mature and value yourself more as you begin to understand your limits.

Meanwhile, Venus is still in residence with Leo so expect epic displays of love and affection. However, a sly square between Venus and unpredictable Uranus can create tricky situations that upset the apple cart. The crash can give your relationship a wakeup call. Are you too demanding? Dramatic? Expecting the world from your partner? Take things slow, whatever the status of your relationship is, and just enjoy it. Harness the cosmic powers to make things sizzle!

The new moon in Virgo continues the themes of the Sun trines, so this is a good time to set your intentions in your career and get things organized in your life. Write down your to-do list and make an action plan.

Overall, please beware of the Martian fires because it can burn. Get your ice bucket ready and on hand. Follow the rhythm of the cosmic heavens as you scale heights in your career and love life! Self-control can get you safely to your destination.

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