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Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

The reign of the Cardinal signs is strongly felt this week with five planets currently in Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries. With the forceful influence of a predominantly Cardinal ruled week, many people will have the urge to initiate projects. You may feel the urge to be on top and be the boss, controlling and organizing events around you.

This is the week where you’ll want to be the captain of your ship! This week will affect each of us a little differently. If you’re most influenced by Cancer, you will lead with your emotions and empathy. Capricorn’s influence will make you more rule-based while Aries will make you a fiery and passionate initiator. Be sure to tie up loose ends and finish everything you’ve started!

Cardinal energies love to start things, but its disadvantage is the inability to see things through.  Distractions can creep up, and before you know it, you could drop projects midway to start a new one. Many planets are particularly converging in Capricorn and Cancer so expect security issues to crop up. Cancer’s yearning for family security and Capricorn’s goal for career success will tend to clash, so it is vital to strike a balance.

Of course, Mercury is still back spinning in Cancer so now may not be the time to make decisions or commit to any contracts. Instead, pause and reflect and let your creative juices flow. Bring out that art journal and weave some art magic! Cancer is a highly creative sign, so expect ideas to flow effortlessly.

As Mercury moves direct on July 12, expect a release from the suspended animation and look forward to clearer communications. However, before this happens, there is one final hurdle to be overcome. Mercury will be squaring Mars, the peak of which happens this week! Don’t let your temper or your passion get the better of you! Be careful with your words and actions. Your hard-earned security is more vital than giving in to quick outbursts or temporary passions.  However, for people who fail to manage their emotions and do give in the saving grace of Sun in Neptune Trine brings a lot of love and forgiveness. Happy endings are on the horizon in this topsy turvy week!