New beginnings abound as a sparkling New Moon in idealistic Aquarius lights up your week with fresh ideas, new friendships, big dreams and free-spirited fun!

As the Sun shifts into this quirky, zany sign, we all feel lighter and breezier, and our minds turn to the future, thinking of all the things we still hope to learn! This is a perfect time to plant seeds to expand your personal circle, put plans in place to implement dearly held aspirations, or to simply enjoy a newly found sense of freedom after the recent astrological weather. The struggle has been real, and this week sets us free a lil’ to have a good time and let our hair down! Love relationships are both passionate and painful as Venus squares feisty Mars, but feelings are soothed as she joins forgiving Neptune – though pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes at the same time! Stay on your tippy-toes and make sure to tell the truth – avoid the temptation to tell a white lie. As mama used to say, the truth has a way of coming out. Keep it real.

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In the market for some new buddies? Find a like-minded tribe, Aries. Affairs of the heart reach a new level of sexy, but conflict may go hand-in-hand with infatuation!




Personal or business arguments could ensue, and you’ll need to access your patience, Taurus. If it’s your sweetheart pushing your buttons, let your bodies do the talking.




If you happen to be studying, applying to study, teaching or writing, Gemini, great strides can be made. The same energy applies to traveling and expanding your world.




Wait for the fog to clear before making any decisions of the heart, Cancer. Reach out to your team of angels now to save a lot of heartache.




You’re all about the togetherness right now, Leo, and that feels good, but don’t act too fast and enthusiastically. Rein in that passion and wait for the right moment.




The New Moon signals a potential job building on the horizon over the next few months, Virgo, and it’s likely that these opportunities can give you a new start.




Communication seems tricky this week, Libra, as Venus squares Mars, either making you the center of a conflict or reflect a need to assert yourself clearly – especially at work.




Financial conflict may spoil an otherwise good week, Scorpio, as Venus squares Mars in your money sector. It’s a sign that you need to set boundaries, or perhaps be less controlling.




Sagittarius, set intentions to get your voice out, and start that writing or teaching course. The first half of this year can give satisfying results if you commit to opening your mind.




Let the New Moon in your money zone work for you, Capricorn, and plant seeds to get some well-deserved dollars soon. Relationships look a lot more peaceful too. Rest.




A New Moon allows you to manifest what you really want over the next couple months, so take advantage and make some magic. But watch those dollars, Aquarius.




Wipe off your rose-colored glasses, Pisces. Try to take your focus off romance – embrace a spiritual opportunity from the New Moon that will help through all of life’s highs and lows.