As the holiday season gets underway, a sociable Full Moon in Gemini brings friends and family together for a good time.

Meanwhile, Mercury’s arrival in Sagittarius ushers in optimistic, free-range thinking which isn’t afraid to experiment or break the rules. Love planet Venus is busy this week too. She first forms a sextile to dreamy Neptune bringing rose-colored glasses along with hearts and rainbows and all things magical! But that doesn’t last too long, as pretty soon we will be hit with a dose of reality when mid-week, sweet Venus turns bitter thanks to the conjunction with sombre Saturn.

This is get-down-to-business serious energy and maybe hard going if you’re a cardinal sign – Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

And if that wasn’t enough, Venus forms another conjunction to suspicious and manipulative Pluto. Again, not great news for the cardinal signs or anyone with cardinal planets. At least the full Moon in Gemini lightens the mood somewhat but watch for gossip and misdirected flirtations.

Communicative Mercury in Sagittarius tells us to be careful about being too arrogant or dogmatic.



Everyone wants something from you, leaving you with very little time to yourself. In what time you do have, concentrate on your family, particularly any siblings you have. It’s a good time to end a feud or to get back in touch.




Keep your festive spending under control – a Full Moon in your money zone is linked to an emotional attempt to buy love or friendship. You know better than this. Stick to your budget and show your love in other ways.




A Gemini Full Moon means you want to be the center of attention – and you’re likely to get your wish! It’s a fantastic time to host a party or to entertain friends and family. You’ll shine on a date too, with more than your fair share of admirers!




Pay special attention to your dreams, as they bring messages from the cosmos and from your own subconscious. If you struggle to decode them, talk to a like-minded friend who may have insight into what you’re experiencing.



Friends lift you up this week and keep you flying high, even if work-related stress threatens to bring you down again. It’s a time to cherish those who have supported you this year and to show your gratitude to them.




Don’t be surprised if you find your career goals changing before your eyes. While everyone winds down for the holidays, the Full Moon encourages you onwards and upwards – it’s a good time to get yourself noticed.




A sense of restlessness can be stemmed by making some adventurous plans for next year. Book a vacation with a difference or research the trip of a lifetime. Even if you can’t afford it yet, you can still dream – and dreams can manifest reality.




The Full Moon brings sudden insight into an emotional issue which has been holding you back. Being able to release that feels like a breakthrough, setting you up for a positive year ahead and a whole host of new possibilities.




A Full Moon in your love zone means it’s time to compromise with your sweetheart. Stop expecting to get things all your own way and instead start to truly listen to your lover’s concerns and worries. Teamwork will win out.




Who says you have to wait until New Year to make a resolution? Your willpower is strong during this Full Moon, so kick a bad habit now, while you can. Think about your health in a holistic sense, with a focus on overall wellbeing.




If you’re single the Full Moon could bring drama to your dating scene, perhaps with some intense encounters and some spontaneous decisions. It’s a lot of fun, but not necessarily the stuff from which dreams are made – keep your feet on the ground.




Get out and about into nature as much as you can. The Full Moon in your home zone encourages you to get away from your own four walls for better insight into where you’re headed next. Ground yourself and distance yourself from drama.