Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Venus spins her last lap on Cancerian territory, and you might find yourself feeling stuck in your love life. Reality might just come barging in to wake you up from your romantic cocoon as Venus moves in direct opposition to Saturn. Everyone will sense this cosmic reverberation and may turn up as feelings of insecurity in love affairs and financial matters. Balance is the key, and taking responsibility and adjusting attitudes to real mundane details is crucial. Things will not always be mushy and a bed of roses and this week asks us to adult up and do the right thing.

Things will become interesting though, as Venus charges upon Mars in Aries, which bodes explosive romantic encounters both good and ill. You may be facing up to romantic challenges that involve love triangles. Be prepared for  intense kiss-and-makeup sessions, but you have to draw the line when things become toxic.

Next, Venus takes up residence in the sky in fiery Leo, which is a signal to let our manes down. Be your most creative and expressive self and bling up because Leo loves all things sparkly. Your expressive skills get a boost from the alignment of Mercury and Virgo to Saturn and Pluto. Intellect and thinking skills will be razor-sharp, allowing us to make smart decisions. If you put in good enough effort in the things you do, the cosmic gods will be smiling and rain down their beneficence.

Your rational powers will be at its peak and help you make better plans to counterbalance and resolve any downturn in your life since Mercury will be shifting to Libra by the end of the week.

Finally, the Full Moon’s blooming in Pisces asks us deep spiritual questions about the authenticity of the path we are taking, whether we are resorting to escapism and if it is time to forgive and forget.

Overall, cosmic alignments take us up for a swing to extremes. Still, problems do get resolved if we allow ourselves to soak up the positive cosmic vibrations by the end of the week and harness our intuition to help us navigate the challenges thrown in every arena of life.

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