Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Venus spins in the sky and enters the cozy sign of Cancer lending a tenderness to all matters of the heart. People will have a deep desire to connect with others, whether friends or sweethearts. It is a week where love is expressed as nurturing. Now is the time to get serious with love and playing it cool or playing games may backfire.

If you are single, you may find yourself having deep soulful connections as Venus aligns with Neptune, which is the planet of spirituality and unconditional love. Love sizzles as these two planetary bodies link up in the sky.

For artists, expect a boundless creative vigor and inspiration to take hold of you. The intense calling of your Muses will be so intense as to overpower and certainly feel heaven-sent. Tap into this power and take out your easel, your paint, or any art medium.

Expect some heavenly conflicts as Venus opposes Jupiter in Capricorn. Be warned that an urge for excesses may overwhelm such as excessive eating, spending, and sexual pleasures. An emotional roller coaster ride in relationships may also occur. Cancer is a moody sign which gets out of control when pushed to extremes. If you have to make choices this week, choose the path of least drama. Drama is a result of exchanging power for love and money. Now maybe a wonderful time to confront and be at peace with our wounded shadow self.

As we confront the unconscious forces that drive our fate, Mercury trines with Jupiter and Uranus, which may help us with its flashes of intuition and insight that can help resolve our inner drama.

Confusion also happens in our worldly affairs as Mercury clashes Neptune, so it is vital to dive into the facts before committing to a decision.

Love is in the air for the week, but it will be a bed of roses with a few thorns as emotions reach a heightened pitch, and cracks in the mirror need to be fixed to arrive at a happy ending.


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