Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

The sparkling new Leo moon shines its moonbeams, and it is a time to finally take a breather and enjoy fresh beginnings and get some stability. Rest and recuperation are the themes of the week as the New Moon spins calmly in the sky and shines its illuminative powers on the ideas and creativity germinating in our minds. Now is the best time to do your passion projects because Leo will smile down at you when you allow your individuality and creativity free reign.

Under the rays of the New Moon follow the roar of your drum and fulfill your heart’s desire. Now is not the time to pander to other people’s expectations! Plant your intentions at this time and commit them to heart since they will have the potential to manifest in the coming months. Have faith in your ability to do magic because magic is simply intent combined with willpower!

After the warm Leo New Moon, the major movement on the sky will be the alignment of the Sun and Mercury with the earthy and practical sign of Virgo. Leo’s excesses may get some belt-tightening with Virgo’s focus on minimalism, organization, hard work and routine. Virgo rules health and wellness, so it will be a great time to start being kinder to your body and go on a detoxification diet or start a new workout. Bring out your calendars, diaries and highlighter pens and start color-coding your future since Virgo loves planning, organization, and a good strategy. Spring clean your home and give away what you don’t need.  Embrace a fresher simpler way of living! Align your habits and choices with the values of Virgo because they are in rhythm with what the planet needs.

The Venus Uranus sextile alignment happening by the end of the week will bring some surprises in the sphere of love and romance. Single? You may not have to mingle because romance may just come knocking out of the blue! If you are partnered, expect to be thrilled to your toes as you come up with new ways of expressing love!

This week promises an abundance of potentials and positive energies to be harnessed. Lift your chin, stargaze, and a wish or two may just come true!

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