The forceful Aries Sun squares up to both Pluto and Jupiter this week, warning us to seek progress only through legitimate means. Avoid the temptation to rig the game or manipulate others. When the Sun arrives in Taurus late in the week, a calmer more grounded vibe will take over.

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Your larger-than-life ego causes issues at work. You’re quite right to want recognition for your efforts and ideas, but there are ways and means of asking for it. Adopt a cooler head and a less arrogant approach if you really want to turn heads.




Tackle fears and phobias head on, ideally through some kind of formal training or therapy. Don’t allow vague worries to control your life. The more you can push yourself to face the worst, the less likely it is to happen.




Friendship and money don’t mix well, so avoid lending or borrowing with people you know. You may want to call in favors from long ago in order to facilitate your end goal but be aware that others may resent your long memory.



If your work-life balance is shot to pieces, think carefully about fixing it. This energy is about engaging with your sweetheart and your family to find productive ways to get more from life. Ask for ideas, and listen.




There just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in everything you want to do. Put your organizational skills to good use and prioritize. Create a schedule and stick to it, otherwise you’ll find yourself hopelessly distracted.




What brings you the most pleasure in life? What’s stopping you doing more of that? Serious question! Instead of feeling resentful and bitter, bring your analytical mind to bear and figure out an alternative way of getting what you want.




There’s a lot of support from family and friends, and you’ll enjoy seeing them all on the same page for once, united behind you. Be wary, though, that you don’t show favoritism – someone has a very short fuse and will notice.




Are you getting enough sleep? Your physical health is in the spotlight, and you may be feeling burned out or stressed to the max. Look into alternative therapies or meditation to sooth your mind and lower your emotional temperature.



If you’re not making ends meet financially, look for professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, to apply for aid, or to let others know that you’re struggling. People want to help you; they love you and they value you.



Going back in search of your roots would be fruitful. Think about re-visiting a childhood haunt or to looking up genealogical records. You’ll start to feel that you belong once you get a clearer sense of your own inherent identity.




Your communication skills are off the scale, but with that talent comes responsibility. Be careful what you say and how you say it, because people will take you seriously. Messages you receive from your dreams or subconscious will help with this.



You’re normally a very selfless person, but this week, you just don’t want to share. That’s okay. More than okay. Spend some time defending what is yours, metaphorically, and don’t feel that you have to be all things to all people.