According to Moon Omens, September is a month rich in abundance, adjustments, and pivots towards growth and transformation. The aspects that we will experience in the cosmos tells a story for all of us, and to get an idea of what’s in store for you, read your Horoscope below. Under each Horoscope, you will find a link to the full Horoscope Ebook that has been created for each of the zodiac signs. Enjoy!

Aries in September

Dear Aries, September is a month that prepares you; it is a transitional period as well as a redo month for you. You will be challenged to train yourself to be more patient. You will probably be pushed beyond your limits by other people’s reactions, external events, your surroundings, your relationships, your family, or anything that is in direct connection with you. Because of these challenges, it is crucial to be more stable than ever before, to practice forgiveness and focus. You will be triggered by many things to behave in ways you thought you were done with; you may be tempted to repeat old mistakes or to go through the same things. You may even feel inclined to repeat the same conversation you have already had, but don’t let this frustrate you. This is exactly what this low-frequency energy wants from you—to fall in a trap and burn your energy as soon as possible. That’s why it is important to take care of yourself, keep yourself hydrated, keep your thoughts and emotions clean, stay away from negative places and people, and retreat a little bit and accumulate strength.

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Taurus in September

Dear Taurus, September continues to deepen your spiritual path as well as your approach to your inner and outer worlds. Your physical and mental bodies are under the spotlight, too. Mars is still in your twelfth house of mystical knowledge, ancient wisdom, dreamworld, astral plane, lucid dreaming, the language of symbols, connection to source, communication with multidimensional beings, and all things that are hidden, mystified, secretive, and unknown. Mars will go into retrograde on September 9, and it will be in this motion until November 13th. That’s a lot of time for you to go deep into these realms. Mars is not in retrograde very often, and this is a rare opportunity to catch the wave and collect and research as much as you can in these areas. You might go back to study a subject that interested you before. You will probably feel motivated to study something off-topic, something original and authentic. Your dreams could reveal many secrets to you if you turn your attention inward. Your intuition will increase greatly, and you will be able to connect with it profoundly.

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Gemini in September

Dear Gemini, September will remind you of your own values. It will make sure that you understand how precious your life is and that most of the things that worry or upset you are not worth it. You will get in touch with true personal values, which will encourage you to stop doing something that doesn’t make sense anymore. You will have enough wisdom and strength to see what’s not aligned with you and what or who is not in the same vibe and tribe as you. Who are your people? Where are like-minded folks? Who is who? Are you living in a healthy surrounding? Are you giving too much without it being noticed at all? Do you need it to be noticed at all? Why do you do certain things? Where are you spending your resources? To whom are you giving too much, and who has zero of your attention? Maybe you switch these potentials; maybe you see that you were investing in things or people where it doesn’t work.

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Cancer in September

Dear Cancer, September is giving you a new focus on the things from the past. It is opening a lot of good opportunities for your work, destiny, relationships, studies, family matters, and connections. Things will be coming to you, but you have to take action. Don’t just let opportunities pass you by; recognize them and act on them. This month, you should work toward being active and passive at the same time—receptive and giving. September aspects will help you in this and support you in knowing when and how to act or not to act. Some long-term projects or plans could be initiated, or they’re already on the way to begin; some future security can be felt in the air. You are being called to embark on this new wave of your life without carrying any regrets from the past. You are being called to nurture your soul and let things clear out from your life.

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Leo in September

Dear Leo, this September brings so many changes into your life. Your lifestyle is about to transform in an amazing way. You’re going to experience completions within your mental patterns, and you will be eager for learning and studying new and old subjects. You will be researching, seeking, investigating, exploring, and committing to yourself on a whole new level. This month will present you your fears; it will openly show you where your anxieties come from. The forces of the universe will invite you to hear the lessons, to sail through your dreams which are teaching you now. Mars will be in retrograde from 9th of the month in your ninth house. This number is very significant and symbolizes completions, cycles, courage, endings, beginnings, culminations, firmness, endurable spirit, and sense for spirituality. This month opens doorways for your self-development. September asks you to become conscious of your energy.

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Virgo in September

Dear Virgo, this is your birthday time! Happy birthday, dear Virgos! This is your month, and you are going to feel revitalized and renewed. New energy is coming your way. Make a wish or a list of wishes during this time; go through a list of things that you want and that you don’t want. This month will show you your wants and needs in a clearer way. Maybe you went through things that you didn’t want for the last couple of months, things you dislike. You will come to realize that you needed this experience in order to know what it is that you do want. Sometimes it is a must to go through uncomfortable situations so that you learn what makes you comfortable. This month opens a portal for your wishes and intentions; make sure you do your job and make true heart wishes. You will know more clearly what you value and what you need within your relationships, finances, family, work, health, and internal world.

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Libra in September

Happy early birthday to you, Libras! This is the beginning of your season when the Sun enters your sign on the 23rd. Remember to make a wish and think about what you want. What is important to you? Where do you want to see yourself in the future? What transformation do you want to make? September really pushes you to purify yourself on all levels, to clean up mentally, emotionally, and physically, and to detoxify from those things that are damaging you and making you weak. It could be anything—your relationships, lifestyle, habits, or conversations. It could be the food you eat, sleeping, your thoughts, or your emotions. You will be going through a purging process. This will make you feel much lighter; you will feel satisfied and optimistic if you shift from at least one toxic thing. If you make at least one change and integrate a healthy habit, you will feel much better. That one thing will be enough because it will pull all the rest with it through time.

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Scorpio in September

Dear Scorpio, September is a big month for you on many different levels. You will feel an energy shift since there will be more earth energy. You will feel less emotional tension and more grounding energy around you and within you. Previous months might’ve been overloaded with emotions, but as we go further through September, you’ll feel more light energy. This month you will have a lot of connections with people; maybe something that stopped in April or May now becomes active again. Think about that period. What was delayed or paused or slowed down? You will see something moving forward now. Your health and work will be in focus during this month; your communication with others, the way you perceive things and relations, how you deal with the outer world, and how you handle different situations with different people will all come into focus.

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Sagittarius in September

Dear Sagittarius, September is an important month for your finances and domestic affairs, your connections and creativity, your work and home, and your career and your contribution to the external world which you are part of. This month will bring up unresolved issues so that you can heal them. Mars in retrograde will make a harmonious aspect with your sign, and you could get many benefits and receive gifts from the universe this month. Finding a perfect balance this month will be the key, and you will be encouraged and inspired to go for it. Some things that you wanted to do earlier this year could now come back and start moving forward for you. Things that suddenly stopped or paused for some reason during April and May will start unfolding now and into the next months too. Your vitality, energy, and strength might have felt low during the previous period. Now you’ll feel your energy and strength growing.

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Capricorn in September 

Dear Capricorn, your self-transformative journey keeps going on. You have transformed so much since the beginning of the year, and when you compare yourself to who you used to be two to three years ago, there are probably very few things that are the same. You’ve been doing things you thought you’d never do. It has been a true rollercoaster and a never-ending battle, but you’ve come to this point. You have succeeded and survived, but it’s not over yet. You still have lessons and final tests to pass until the end of the year. September starts this finishing cycle which will go on during October, November, and December. After these months, nothing will be the same again for you. Maybe you’re still not aware of how much you’ve changed, but it will start becoming clearer and clearer as this year comes to a close. September will give you boldness, courage, and energy to move on and rise above your past self.

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Aquarius in September 

Dear Aquarius, September is a big month. Many various aspects and transits are happening, and you will have new visions and better organization of yourself, your work, your money and debts, your relationships, your partnerships, your mental health, and your expressions of inner states. A lot will be happening in your money sector and things with partners or potential partners, intimate and business partners. This month will also help you move forward in certain areas of your life. This month wants you to get rid of stress, to learn to relax and take care of yourself. Any fears or addictions will come out this month so that you can acknowledge them and find creative and healthy solutions. Karmic debts, ancestral issues, and troubles, in general, will become evident for you if they haven’t already. You’ll need to dedicate more time and love for yourself. Take a more sincere and honest approach toward your lifestyle and mental discipline.

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Pisces in September 

Dear Pisces, September is making you see things differently. You will get more opportunities to see where you feel good and where you feel nervous and anxious. Some things that possibly slowed down or stopped completely during April and May will now start moving ahead. You will feel them going forward; you will start sensing some kind of advancement within those things that were blocked, paused, or delayed. Don’t force anything that doesn’t give you fluid-like movement. It’s not a good month to push things forward. It is great for finishing tasks and projects and resuming things that you started before. Nothing will work out now if you’re being stubborn and insist on something happening. Wherever you have to use extra effort, stress yourself out, or drain your energy too much is not good for you this month. Leave it and see what unfolds naturally for you.

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We hope your Horoscope from Moon Omens speaks to you and provides a level of inspiration and clarity as you enter the new and abundant month of September!

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