Communications are complex this week, as Mercury forms an aspect pattern with both Jupiter – who over-promises – and Neptune – who confuses and deceives. We should all take care to communicate clearly and to seek clarification from those communicating with us. Although, that said, love planet Venus is making harmonious angles to Jupiter and Neptune so there’s a dreamy, expansive feeling when it comes to love.

Trouble with Communication

The problem with communication this week is that Folks feel both high-strung and absent-minded. Details come back to bite, so don’t ignore them. Don’t take offense if others are tactless. Unclear communication and foggy thinking are prominent. Our imagination is very strong but our grip on reality is weak. Try not to make promises or long term commitments although…that said… Romance, fantasies, and daydreams are far more appealing now than work or mundane reality. Tender affection heals relationship wounds. The Venus-Saturn trine at the end of the week is usually a great time for making a relationship commitment and it’s also an excellent aspect for financial planning or opening a savings account. So there you have it…conflicting influences.



Those who know you and love you make allowances for your many quirks, but your wider circle of friends and acquaintances are cutting you no such slack. Try not to get involved in a war of words with these people. A dignified silence is best.




You may be at odds with a social group you’ve previously enjoyed. Perhaps the financial commitment is becoming too much, or maybe you no longer share quite the same ideology. Don’t be afraid to cut ties if you feel it’s time to do so.




Do you wear a professional mask? Your image at work is very important to you, but if you don’t take the mask off when you get home, your sweetheart will quickly tire of the pretense. Balance the true you against the work you more carefully.




Don’t confuse something difficult with something negative. You may be being asked to travel for work, or to otherwise fit in with a change of working circumstances. This won’t be easy, but it’s actually a huge opportunity – think twice before saying no.




There is something you can’t change, and it’s bothering you immensely. Instead of getting angry and stressed about this, focus instead on all the things you can change. Much of life is under your control, so why obsess about the part which isn’t?





Balancing the competing demands of work, love and family is never easy. This week, however, it needn’t be so hard – provided you listen. Someone is telling you what they want and need from you, but the message is easily missed.




If you feel that your dreams are being submerged in the reality of the daily grind, take a step backwards. Reassert your own personal goals and ambitions. Find ways in which to keep them alive. Boredom at work need not stifle you.




Look into crowdfunding to help pay for a dream of yours. Not having enough money yourself doesn’t mean it has to be an impossibility. There are ways and means of getting financial help.





Strive for clear communication between you, your sweetheart and your blood family. Something is getting lost in translation, which is causing unnecessary tension and conflict. If you can eliminate that, your joint relationships will improve no end.




Friendships and your social life may be suffering temporarily while you have a lot of work on. It is only short term, so try not to worry about this too much. Use technology to keep in touch with friends and plan something exciting for later in the year.




If finances are stretched, consider whether you’re being unrealistic in how much you spend on some leisure pursuits. A temporary belt-tightening will make life easier – you can always return to these fun activities once abundance increases.




It’s vital that you stand proud of your own identity this week. While you may have to conform, to some extent, in order to please your family or your boss, in your own time you are you – let that show in everything you do.