Happy Astrological New year!

The Astrological New Year is always when the Sun moves into Aries which is also the equinox AND this week it coincides with a Full Moon in Libra, the sign of balance.

It’s a time for taking stock of how far we’ve come so far in 2019, and for planning what needs to come next. Attention towards our relationships will also be important at this time. Who do you rely on versus your own independence?

There’s a tough Venus-Mars square on Thursday so it might not be smooth sailing around relationships either.

With the Sun in Aries for the next few weeks, we can expect a lot of action and assertion. The Aries Sun boosts your leadership potential and inspires new beginnings. Take the risk of jumping in head-first, trusting your excitement to guide you. You might not have much energy for following through on everything you started, but you can worry about that later!

If you’ve been feeling stuck, the Sun in Aries can give you a push to break through resistance and just do it. Watch out for the Ram’s shadow — impatience, anger and selfishness. Tempers tend to shorten while the Sun is in Aries, and you might need to make an effort to be tactful and considerate of others’ feelings. Exercise can be helpful for blowing off excess steam. And if you’ve been wanting to get in shape, now is the perfect time!



Consider your closest relationship and its issues. Think of how you can get closer to your sweetheart. Acknowledge the problems you have and how to resolve them. Pay some serious attention to getting your love life right.



Learn some time management techniques to streamline your routines. We all waste far too much time each day, but this week’s energies help you to be much more productive by eliminating much of the waste.



Too much work and not enough play will take its toll on anyone, especially a Gemini. Think about your work-life balance and how you can find more time for your hobbies. What can you do to unleash more creativity?



The focus is on family harmony and balance. Take time to be proud of your kids and how you’ve parented them. Take time too to forgive your own parents for being less than perfect. Everyone does the best they can with what they have.




Stop running around, stop doing busywork, stop being in a hurry. Just pause, breathe and take in the world around you. The energies encourage you to be still for a while. Allow your mental chatter to die down and just be at one with the world.




Think about your relationship with money. You probably think you don’t have enough of it – who does? – but you have more than you need if you’re truly honest. Learn to value the things in life which don’t have price tags.



Are you being true to yourself? Has everything you’ve done so far been truly in line with your values and your conscience? It’s time now to stop fitting in and going along with the masses and instead taking a stand for what you believe.



You’re not listening to your intuition, your gut feeling, your higher consciousness – call it what you will, you’re studiously ignoring it. That needs to stop. Learn to tune in better to the knowledge you already have within you.




Are you clear on where you’re going, and why? Do you really know what you’re heading for and are you sure it’s where you want to be? Re-think your plans and objectives and make sure you’re still on the right path.



Your ambitions are strong and that’s a good thing. It’s time now to be more assertive in the way you showcase your skills. You deserve more recognition than you’re getting, so make plans for getting ahead in the next few weeks.



Tired of being expected to conform? Well then: don’t. You’re coming to a sudden realization – that you really are in charge of what you do and how you do it. Be true to yourself and stop squeezing into other people’s boxes.



Think about how you treat others. You’re a sensitive soul, but not above a bit of emotional manipulation now and then. Strive for more emotional honesty in how you are with others – but expect, no, demand the same respect from them.