An earthy, solid feeling Taurus New Moon this week is an excellent energy for those who need to get on with hard work.

Taurus New Moon

This is a great time for new beginnings and for putting down roots which will bear fruit much later in the year. The Taurus New Moon slows down your energy level as you mull over more practical concerns of living and life. This earthy moon propels you to work hard but at the end of the day, still wants you to take it easy and enjoy some of your hard earned cash.

Make a list of items that you need to feel secure. If some of those items on the list are beyond your means, you may consider what you need to curb or grow in order to get the things you deserve. For many of us, our thoughts will meander toward our finances. You may want to think over how you can restructure your budget.

Brainstorm ways to increase your cash flow so that you can indulge in occasional luxuries without having to raid your savings. This is an opportune time to start testing new monetary strategies. In terms of romance, this sensual lunar influence is great for experimenting with touch, taste, and sound; anything that arouses the senses.

Saturn Retrograde

Also, this week, Saturn turns retrograde where it will be until September 18th. Typically, Saturn retrograde periods do not affect many of us unless the retrograde point is on a personal or natal planet. This influence is about Responsibility, Restriction, and Karma. Saturn also Strengthens and Solidifies and restricts, disciplines, and wears away.

It doesn’t obliterate, like Pluto, or suddenly, like Uranus. Saturn erodes over time. Saturn isn’t necessarily a destroyer, though. It also strengthens and solidifies whatever passes its test. Saturn is a teacher. It’s not the cool teacher, giving out As to everyone (Jupiter). Saturn makes you learn and earn and Achieving Real, Practical Goals. Saturn in Capricorn is about Experience Maturity and traditions.



Take a fresh look at your finances. Shop around for better deals on credit cards, insurance or major outlays. Look out for ways in which you can save money or cut down on waste. It’s easier than normal to tighten your belt now.




Start something new, confident that you have the skills, the talent and the presence of mind to carry it off. The New Moon in your own sign boosts your charm too, making this an excellent time for dating for a new romance.





Don’t be alarmed if you feel less sociable than normal. Even a Gemini needs some quiet time. This is a reflective week and you’ll want to spend some time in meditation or just daydreaming. Keep your own company and stay away from crowds.




Time to come out of your social shell. There are new friends waiting in the wings and a brand new tribe is ready to welcome you. New contacts made through a hobby are especially warm and fruitful, so don’t hesitate to spread your wings.



Looking for a new challenge? Job hunting is well starred this week. If you’re happy where you are, look for possibilities of promotion. Taking on extra responsibilities is a good idea as your efforts will be noticed by all the right people.



You have itchy feet now and the New Moon encourages you to visit new places. You don’t necessarily need to travel far – somewhere you’re unfamiliar with in your own neighborhood will be enough to spark your imagination and settle your restlessness.




Passion surges this week and there could be a hot new intoxication or infatuation in your life. Brilliant if you’re single – trickier if you’re not! You must do what you feel is right but be careful if you decide to play with fire.



A New Moon in your love zone is perfect for healing a long-standing relationship which has been through the wars – or for finding fresh love. Either way, this is happy, positive, exciting energy. Open up your heart and enjoy.




Find a fresh way to exercise both your mind and your body. Martial arts or dance-based activities will appeal to you in many different ways, as will activities which include an element of stillness such as yoga or tai chi.




Let your creativity shine. The New Moon highlights a hitherto hidden talent or a new skill which you can hone to exceptional levels. Whatever it is, it holds great possibilities for you – and may bring financial success too.




Take a fresh look at your domestic situation. It’s a good time to clear the cutter, both literally and metaphorically. If you’re looking to move home, a breakthrough may come this week. If staying put, think about redecorating.



Busy, busy, busy! The New Moon finds you with barely a moment to yourself yet crazily swamped running errands for others. It’s time to reassess your priorities. Helping others is great, but not when it comes at the expense of your own mental health.