aries bigARIES

If you’ve had traumatic previous relationships, this is a good week to seek counseling or therapy to help overcome those feelings. Within a current loving relationship, work hard to avoid jealous outbursts or the need to control your partner.



Make sure your closest relationship feels fair and equitable this week. Discuss niggles with your sweetheart and bring them out into the open. Do your best to ensure that neither of you feels hard done by – you’re a team, after all!




This is an excellent week to pay close attention to your diet and nutrition. You may want to consider a cleanse or mini-fast of some kind, subject to medical approval. Think about how what you put int your body affects your mind and wellness.



Scattered energies could leave you feeling exhausted this week. You’re in the mood for fun, but are you trying to cram too much in? Pace yourself, especially if you are entertaining kids! Let everyone have some downtime too.




Your thoughts will be very family focused this week and you’ll be thinking deeply about family ties and your childhood. Make a conscious effort to forgive your parents for their faults and to forgive yourself too. None of us are perfect.


virgo VIRGO

This isn’t one of your most sociable weeks, but you are brimming over with creative ideas you’d like to work on by yourself. If you’re single, use technology to date at a distance for the moment, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by company.



Watch out for comfort spending and comfort eating. It’s good to treat yourself and your family, but don’t use food or money as an excuse to avoid deep emotional issues. Talk things through before you reach for your wallet or the fridge!



A makeover appeals to you just now and you’ll certainly enjoy changing your appearance. If this boosts your confidence, that’s great, go for it. However, don’t change just to please someone else. It’s about being happy in your own skin.



Your empathy for others is tangible and visceral this week. This makes you an outstanding friend or champion, but it does take its toll on your own mental health. Be sure to look after yourself so that you can look after others.




Friendships are in the spotlight this week and some may be drawing to a natural close. That’s OK. There are new faces for you to meet. Remember that we’re all human souls and that we simply make different connections at different times.




You’re very focused on the image you project this week but remember that what matters most is what you think of you, not what others think. Hold your head up high and be very proud of who you are.




Someone may judge your dreams and goals this week, leading to some criticism. Wrap yourself up in your self-confidence and ignore this person. You know who you are, you know where you’re going, you know you’re right and you know you’re loved.