aries bigARIES

You don’t have to be a pioneer all the time. Even Aries is allowed some safe time within a comfort zone – and that time is this week. Relax, chill out and enjoy more of what makes you feel good. It’s OK to have some downtime.



With your heart on your sleeve, you may feel quite exposed or vulnerable this week. However, the Full Moon in your sign brings you dignity and courage, so stand tall and don’t be afraid to show your emotions.





Too many people and too much noise will irritate you this week – retreat and enjoy some time with your own company. It’s a thoughtful period of time, good for making sense of imagery in your dreams or the messages from your subconscious.



You’re one of the zodiac’s nurturers and this week your caring skills will be in great demand. Whether you’re looking after your own family or helping someone else, personally or professionally, you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep going!



The spotlight is on you as the Full Moon shines from your status zone. You like the attention but it’s important that you don’t promise what you cannot deliver. Show off your leadership skills but do so with integrity, honesty, and humility


virgo VIRGO

You’re naturally cautious and always a planner, so your desire this week to do something reckless is rather out of character. However, a walk on the wild side will do you the power of good, so go ahead – take a leap into the unknown!



What do you owe? Not financially, but emotionally or spiritually? Make an effort this week to repay the kindness or trust of others. You’re very keen on equality and fairness, so make sure that you have settled these important debts.



Take time to truly listen to and hear your partner; don’t just assume that you know what they’re saying. The Full Moon shines from your love zone, encouraging you to strengthen and deepen your relationship on a spiritual level.



If you’re not happy with something in your life, use the Full Moon’s energies to drive change. It all starts with your intent. Choose to focus on something which will improve your physical, emotional or mental well-being – you can make it happen.



Let your creative side loose and indulge in arts, crafts, drama or music. Creative visualization can be a useful problem solver at work, while fun activities at home can help to create beautiful memories for your family.





The Full Moon asks that you focus your attention on your home and family, regardless of how busy you may be at work. Make your loved ones and your property the focus; pour your love and energy into them and manifest the stability you seek.




All kinds of minor errands and issues take up your time, but it’s important that you do tie up these loose ends while the Full Moon shines. Focus on finishing what has been started – clear the decks so that fresh beginnings have space to emerge.