aries bigARIES

The bigger and bolder the idea, the more you should go for it – it’s time for big dreams and big risks, all in the name of adventure. You’re not guaranteed success, but you are guaranteed a heck of an experience.



Financial good fortune finds you smiling; this blessing puts an end to a prolonged period of worry. With that tension easing, take time to celebrate the many other blessings you already have in life.




Take a risk in your love life, whether it’s a grand romantic gesture or asking someone out who may say no. Be honest, be open and wear your heart on your sleeve. At worst, your pride may be dented – but at best, happiness awaits.



Routines can quickly become stifling: break free of yours before it suffocates you. Ring the changes in whatever way possible and set yourself free from tradition and self-imposed limits. Make up your own rules!



Jealousy and fits of petulance are quite likely – from you, as well as others. You can avoid the worst of this by using that well-honed sense of humor of yours. Find the funny side of any situation – and share it widely.


virgo VIRGO

Re-organizing family life just got easier, with everyone on board and fully behind your ideas and plans. Whether you’re streamlining the schedule or re-assigning the chores, this will hopefully give you all more much needed together time.



Get started. It doesn’t matter what the project is, just take that one first step towards the end goal. Once you have started, you’ll find that things will gather pace of their own accord and before you know it, you’ll be flying. What are you waiting for?



Start a gratitude diary – because once you make a conscious effort to notice your blessings, those blessings will only increase. It’s all too easy for you to become depressed; bring some positivity into each day with a daily dose of thanks.



You feel on top of the world and full of energy to boot. It’s a fantastic time for your health and vitality – why not take up a new sport or outdoor hobby? You’re getting a huge amount done and still having time to breathe – go you!



It’s time to ditch the guilt you’ve been feeling. Whatever has prompted you to be so hard on yourself, open the windows, let the sunshine in, and sweep away the negativity. You have done nothing wrong and you have no need to feel guilty.



You can inspire a community like nobody else – so get together with like-minded souls and create some positive change. You are a passionate speaker for your cause and a visionary idealist. Show others how the future could look.



Pluck up your courage and apply for a new job or a promotion. You have much more than it takes. Your confidence is rising, so be bold while you dare. It’s time for you to showcase your talents instead of hiding behind modesty.