aries bigARIES

You may feel cross with yourself over wasted opportunities or ideals you have dropped since real life got in the way. Cut yourself some slack. You’ve done the best you can – and an opportunity to do even better is just around the corner.



Arguments over money or time are likely, especially among friends. You can defuse most of the tension by admitting to your own mistakes and forgiving those who’ve caused you problems. It’s in the past: let’s move forward.




Your working life is a source of tension between you and your sweetheart, perhaps because of the demands of the job. Seek a compromise but most of all, help your lover find ways to cope with your baggage.



Difficulties at work arise because you don’t have the necessary training. So ask for it! Speak up and be proactive about what you need. If your employer doesn’t listen, it’s time to seek out one who will.



Jealousy and fits of petulance are quite likely – from you, as well as others. You can avoid the worst of this by using that well-honed sense of humor of yours. Find the funny side of any situation – and share it widely.


virgo VIRGO

If relations between your blood family and your partner aren’t great, figure out a way to help them get better. You love both sides of this conflict, so defusing the tension is top of your agenda. It can be done; think creatively.



With so much on your plate, it’s hard to find time to take proper care of yourself. The result could be exhaustion, or you might miss important details in a fog of tiredness. You must get some rest. Make it happen!



Get expert advice on financial matters. You are surprisingly vulnerable in this area, so do not be taken in by con-artists. It’s not a good time for gambling in any shape or form, so go for the tried and trusted option in all things.



You may not get much support from your extended family, especially over a personal problem. Fortunately, your sweetheart, kids, and circle of friends more than make up for this. You are truly blessed by your loved ones.



You sense that a spiritual connection is being lost in the hubbub of daily life. Take time to slow things down. Find time to meditate or to connect with nature. Don’t lose yourself in the rush to get ahead – nothing is so important that it can’t wait.



Some friendships or group activities are taking up way too much of your time, for little return in terms of happiness. Could it be time to walk away from some of this? Don’t feel guilty. It’s your time. Fill it with whatever you choose.



If your career isn’t going where you thought it would – or if it has, but you don’t like the view now you’re there – think about a change of direction. It’s never too late. What would really make you want to get up in the morning? Pursue that.