aries bigARIES

Is resentment and bitterness holding you back at work? Perhaps you’ve been passed over, or are not getting the recognition you feel you deserve? Address this calmly but assertively this week. Make clear your value to your employers.



Injustice of unfairness is likely to make you very angry this week. Instead of internalizing that anger, however, put your energy to good use by trying to create change. Form a campaign, start a petition, lobby people – act positively.




Interpersonal jealousy is getting you down. Take a step back. You’re responsible for your own life and your own happiness; what other people do is none of your business. Stop begrudging others pleasure, and instead seek your own.



Have a heart to heart talk with your sweetheart this week and try to resolve any lingering resentments within your relationship. Intimacy issues may be especially painful just now, but with plenty of love and patience, you’ll get there.



It’s the minutiae of life which bothers you this week. Untidy rooms, people who are late, things which are overlooked. Ease your stress with lots of meditation or creative down-time. Drop the perfectionism. Mistakes are perfectly OK.


virgo VIRGO

You may take your anger out on someone very expressively this week. Although a shock to the recipient, this is actually healthier than your normal tactic of repressing your feelings. Let it all out but be sure to apologize to your victim afterwards!



Deep-seated family issues may bother you this week, perhaps from long ago in the past. Don’t allow these issues to linger any longer. Enough is enough. Call a family meeting or go and meet the people concerned. Draw a line under the past.



Don’t leave it too late to apologize to someone or to heal a rift. You know what needs to be said, so say it – even if you have to make the first move, and even if it wasn’t originally your fault. Life’s too short to bear these grudges.



Money problem may cause angst within a relationship, or depression within your own mind. Take positive action now to sort out your finances. Seek expert help if necessary. There’s a lot you can do to improve the situation, so start today.



Make a conscious effort to love yourself this week. You’re much too hard on yourself, always, but now it’s starting to affect your confidence and your self-esteem. Use the Full Moon energies to forgive, starting with yourself.



Instead of seething inwardly, turn your frustrations into positive action this week. You’ve kept your feelings hidden for too long, so now is the time to speak up. Whether you’re proven right or wrong, you’ll feel so much better.



A friend may let you down, betray you or disappoint you this week. Don’t be too quick to cut ties with this person. Unless you have concrete evidence of malice, err on the side of caution. Perhaps your friend made a mistake. Haven’t you ever done that?