aries bigARIES

It’s difficult to square the circle between what you want to do and what you think you should be doing. It’s like a conflict between your ideals and your responsibilities. Listen to your conscience and you won’t go far wrong.




How much does your reputation mean to you? Someone may be slinging mud at you but if you stay calm and don’t sink to their level, you should emerge with dignity. Don’t let someone else’s pettiness affect you.





An unexpected setback may mean putting a dream on hold for a short while. Don’t give up – this is only very temporary! Look for ways around, under, over, behind or through the obstacle, because these solutions do exist.




Figure out the difference between what you can change and what you can’t; focus on things which are within your power. The rest is just noise. Let it pass you by with a sense of acceptance and peace.




There could be drama concerning your relationship and your working life – but that’s easily overcome with better communication between you and your sweetheart. Share your dreams and let your lover see where you’re heading.


virgo VIRGO

It could be all change at work in a rather restless week. If it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on, seek extra training or try a new time management plan. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best – be proactive about it.




You’re in the mood to play and there should be plenty of time for leisure. Watch out for potentially disappointing news regarding a hobby, however. Take it on the chin and don’t let it get you down – there will be other chances.




Tensions between your sweetheart and your blood family may make you feel caught in the middle. Don’t worry, it will pass. Try to keep smiling and make it clear to both sides that you love them. This isn’t your fight to win or lose.



Too much work could prove stressful, so do try to get some time off or at the very least some breathing space. Don’t take work home with you if you can avoid it; although you want to do your very best, you do deserve a break.



This looks set to be a pleasant week for long range planning and for working on your goals. Avoid financial risks, however, and try to seek expert advice on any important commitments required. It’s not a good time for blind trust.



Criticism from a family member stings. Let someone know if they have hurt you but try not to dwell on it. You have the love, admiration and support of the huge majority of people around you – someone else’s bitterness is their problem, not yours.




Keeping a low profile and avoiding conflict is very sensible. Others may be itching for a fight, but there’s no need to be drawn in. Maintain your positive outlook and think the best of everyone – your enthusiasm and zest are delightfully contagious.