aries bigARIES

Try to keep family life and work life distinct and separate this week. Your sweetheart doesn’t necessarily want to know the ins and outs of what colleagues said and did, and work is definitely not the place for talking about your personal life.



There’s a sense of shared decisions this week. Involve your lover and your family in major choices you might have to make – and make allowances for where your partner or a family member might not feel as brave as you do about necessary change.




Tact is important this week, both at work and at home. Keeping a secret could be difficult – perhaps for a good, exciting reason – but you should make every effort to stay quiet until it’s appropriate to speak up. Your moment will come!



Your social conscience is pricked this week by something you hear, see or read. Take positive action to change the situation. We’re never as powerless as we may sometimes feel, and the smallest action can truly make a difference.



There’s an ethical dilemma to face this week, but your conscience and morals are strong – you know what to do here. Set an example, especially if you have children. It’s not enough to talk the talk; take action as well.



virgo VIRGO

You may feel caught this week between a desire for privacy versus a need to showcase your talents. Although you’re not one for pushing yourself forwards, this week it’s important to promote your abilities. Be your own cheerleader!



You can expect to be the center of attention at some point this week, much to your dislike on this occasion. Pin on a smile, hold your head up high and move forwards. It will all blow over quickly, helped by your impeccable dignity.



Brush up on your communication skills this week – sometimes your message gets lost because your emotions may cloud what you’re saying. Now is your chance to speak and be heard, so make it count by speaking calmly and with integrity.



Beware of divulging family secrets, especially ones which really aren’t yours to share. Relationships with in-laws and extended family could be tricky this week, but the solution is to become closer to them rather than trying to “win” against them.



Your creativity is strong this week and you’ll enjoy any opportunity to get involved in arty or crafty pursuits. Young people inspire you too, so it’s a good time to get hands-on with the kids. If you don’t have any – borrow some!



If you’re feeling tired this week, give some thought to your diet and exercise levels. Feeling run down is a sure sign that something’s not quite right; you’d be amazed how much difference a nutritional tweak can make.




This week’s energy is about partnerships and friendship, so you’ll need to work with others to get the best from the opportunities around you. Don’t go it alone. Pool your ideas and your energy with others and get some teamwork going.