aries bigARIES

Bring a taste of the exotic into your love life, whether it’s a mini break somewhere special or simply a romantic dinner with a cuisine you don’t normally eat. Influences from other cultures will spark some magical memories – enjoy!



Dangerous liaisons may be exciting this week but it’s important to be scrupulously honest and transparent in love. If there’s anything illicit going on, don’t expect others to keep your secrets for you.





Your love life is front and center now as Venus shifts into your love zone. Small, loving gestures will bring you and your sweetheart closer than ever – leave love notes, whip up a treat or surprise your lover with something which makes them smile.



Back at work, relationships with colleagues take a turn for the better. The week’s energies help you to be more tolerant of your “interesting” co-workers while at the same time you’re able to promote your own talents more easily.



Avoiding boredom in a relationship is vital this week. Spice up your love life however you please – all that matters is that you don’t take your partner for granted. If you’re single, it’s a brilliant week for a blind date.



virgo VIRGO

Focus on getting your home base and sanctuary in order, so that you can face the world feeling strong and secure. Tidy up at home or start a renovation project. Where you live should feel special and unique.




Your social charm is legendary, and you can use diplomacy and soft skills to get what you need this week. Talk to people the right way and they will almost certainly be on your side. Have confidence in your ability to negotiate.



After the holiday season spending frenzy, your bank account is in need of some TLC. Focus on finances, working out how you can tighten your belt a little for now. Alternatively, look into a side hustle which will bring in some extra cash.



Take a softer approach to those around you. You’re known for your honesty, but not known for your tact – this week, a less direct attitude will pay dividends. Flatter, charm and cajole instead of demanding.




You’re still in hibernation mode, but the demands of work are increasing. Make sure you get enough sleep and try to schedule some meditation moments during the busy working week too. Five or ten minutes here or there is enough to save your sanity.



This is a brilliant week for networking and for making new friends in a social sense too. You have so many ideas to share and so much to offer – don’t hesitate to reach out to others. You need company, and as much of it as possible.



It’s back to work in earnest for you this week, and your ambitions are starting to stir. You’re more motivated by money than normal, but that’s not a bad thing. Look for opportunities to advance in your career – this is not a time to be shy.