aries bigARIES

Don’t allow your progress or lack of it at work to dictate your identity. You are more than your work, whether you love it or loathe it. Look beyond your working life for satisfaction and confidence. Focus on your more personal skills.



Subconscious fears may be holding you back from making necessary changes in life. It’s a good week to seek treatment or therapy for phobias or for trauma which may have stayed with you from a previous lifetime. Move forwards; don’t look back.




Jealousy or envy is preventing good teamwork around you this week. Egos are getting in the way of your shared goals. This is frustrating, but you can lead others through this impasse. Be the bigger person and show that you can inspire colleagues.



Work and career demands put pressure on your closest relationship. It’s important to remember that you and your sweetheart are on the same side, working for the same reasons and towards the same goal. Keep talking, as communication can heal.



Extra responsibilities at work are proving difficult to handle, especially where travel or long distances are involved. Seek technological solutions – in this day and age, there’s no real need for you to waste time traveling.



virgo VIRGO

Intimacy issues could prove frustrating this week, especially in a new relationship. If you’re dating, don’t rush things. In an established partnership, be very careful about using sex as a weapon. Both you and your lover are better than this.




Conflict between your blood family and your in-laws means you’re stuck in the middle, trying to please all sides. Truly, however, this isn’t your fight. Reassure both sides that you love them but leave them to sort it out themselves.



Bluffing your way through at work will only get so far – any lack of skills or experience may start to show under pressure this week. It’s easily fixed. Skill up via a new training course and you’ll soon be able to soar higher than you thought possible.



This is not a good week to take financial risks. Stay away from spending sprees, offers which are too good to be true and any kind of gambling. Seek expert financial advice before making any investments or large purchases.




Criticism from within the family may sting and past family conflicts may seem to come back to life. Your sweetheart and your friends, however, provide a strong source of emotional support. Surround yourself with love and stay grounded.



A lack of privacy may anger you this week, or perhaps secret communications have come out into the open. This could be embarrassing, but if you brazen it out it will soon be forgotten. The problem is nowhere near as big as you think.




A lack of money prevents you doing what you’d really like to do, but that’s no reason to give up. Find a new source of income or find out how to achieve your dream more cheaply. Lateral thinking is needed here; financial restrictions shouldn’t be final.