aries bigARIES

Anger may be your instinctive reaction to events this week but try to take a step back rather than reacting impulsively. All is not necessarily as it seems, and your anger may be misdirected. Wait for clarification.



Expect to find your sense of self or your identity challenged in some way. The Lunar Eclipse prompts you to think about your roots and your history; this is a good time to get answers about what makes you, you.





Do you have all the training you need to do your job well? It may be time to ask for or even demand some extra training or some new skills. Don’t accept the status quo if there is an easy way – through education – to improve it.



A financial shock may come your way, courtesy of the Lunar Eclipse – but don’t panic. Even if you have to re-think your budget or find an extra way to earn some cash, you’ve got this. Adjust your way of thinking and all will be well.



The Lunar Eclipse in your sign urges you to stand up for yourself or to be firm about your rights. You’re not currently getting what is due to you or what you deserve, but it’s within your power to change that. Don’t be afraid to be heard.



virgo VIRGO

Vivid dreams or even waking experiences hint at messages from the cosmos for you this week, Virgo. The Lunar Eclipse teaches you something about your soul journey, but you’ll easily miss this vital information if your mind is closed.




The Lunar Eclipse is very liberating for you, giving you the confidence to say and do things you wouldn’t normally dare to do. Take full advantage of this by being assertive and firm about what you need, what you want and what you will do.



Expect dealings with authority figures to become a little challenging this week, as the Lunar Eclipse activates your ambitions zone. Those in power are not very co-operative. Where you have the power, do better. Listen before you lead.



Unexpected travel opportunities should be grabbed with enthusiasm this week. Stepping out of the familiar – whether literally through travel or more subtly by changing your routines – will bring great benefits and rewards.




The debt you owe to others – financial, practical or emotional – is exposed this week and it’s important that you take steps to repay. Think carefully about how you can make good on your promises. Expect others to make good on theirs too.




In your closest relationship, be careful not to become selfish or too single-minded. The Lunar Eclipse reminds you that love is about give and take. Give more and take less for a while, so that your relationship can grow and heal.




Your health, whether mental, physical or spiritual, is in the spotlight during this Lunar Eclipse. Make positive plans for change and look to establish new and healthier habits. It’s never too late to take better care of yourself.