aries bigARIES

Whether it’s politics, a health issue, civil rights or the environment – speak up loudly and clearly for a cause which motivates you. You can speak passionately on this topic and you should. You’re a leader, so lead. Others will follow.



Tackling your own negative self-talk is possible this week, so grab any opportunity for counseling or therapy, or simply unload your feelings to a sympathetically. Working on your emotions is key to releasing the past.





Join forces with your sweetheart to make a difference in society or to work towards a shared goal. You are stronger together, so pool your talents so you can move forwards faster. It’s an excellent time to launch a joint business.



It should feel easier to bring about positive change at work. If you have suggestions for improving the working environment, speak up. Maybe you know how to streamline practices for better results? Get it done. Don’t just think: act.



Dreams will stay just dreams unless you take that first step. Draw up an action plan with something small but positive you can do each day – and get started. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. Without risk, there can be no progress.



virgo VIRGO

Family is a strong source of support so turn to parents, siblings or other loved ones for help and encouragement when you need it. This week’s energies can be very healing if there have been estrangements or conflicts within the family. Be positive.




Sharing ideas with your lover is important now; you’re on the same side so keep communicating. Work-related stress may get to one or both of you, but that’s even more reason to keep talking and keep supporting one another.



Look for more satisfying or better paid employment or think about how to expand or diversify your business. There are opportunities around but you’re sometimes reluctant to take them. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go for it.



Your enthusiasm and zest for life is catching. Could you put that to good use as a mentor for someone? A young person in particular could really benefit from your support. Do something worthwhile with your skills and be proud of yourself.




The past has some important messages for you this week. Learning from what has gone before can propel you into a brighter future, so do give it some thought. This is particularly true where family matters are concerned.




It’s relatively simple to put plans into action this week as there is plenty of can-do energy in the air. Take the lead and keep others motivated and moving forwards. Even if you’re tired or drained, be part of the solution.




Put your ambitions front and center. There is a glorious opportunity to advance yourself here, if only you’re bold enough to take it. Don’t restrict yourself to the obvious choices either. Think laterally and diversify if need be.