aries bigARIES

Love is in the air and so is imagination and creativity – so there’s no excuse not to surprise your sweetheart with a wonderful gesture this week! Don’t hold back from saying and showing how you really feel. Let your inner romantic free!




Relax and chill out this week. Venus gives you permission to enjoy your favorite foods and hobbies and to spend plenty of quality time with your family. Prioritize things which mean the most to you; put your own needs and wants first.





It’s a flirtatious vibe this week as Venus moves into your dating zone. The Solar Eclipse highlights friendships and communication too, so your social life certainly looks busy. Enjoy the company and the happy, uplifting vibe.




Family first, family always – that’s normally your motto, of course, and this week is no exception. It’s a fantastic time for welcoming a new family member (or a new pet!) and there’s good financial news on the way too – what’s not to love?




Too much to do and not enough time! You have huge plans for this week, but you get very easily distracted – try not to waste time on minor issues. The Solar Eclipse in Leo sends you front and center, so focus on getting attention for your talents.


virgo VIRGO

What a lovely week – there are very sensitive and sensual energies around your love life, so you’ll want to spend as much time with your lover as possible. Grab some privacy by sneaking off for a romantic break if you can.




With Venus arriving in your sign and the Solar Eclipse highlighting your social life, it’s definitely your week to shine. You can expect to be the center of attention wherever you go – and you’ll love being able to make so many people smile.




Your imagination is your biggest asset at the moment, so use it to find creative solutions to any work-related problems. Think outside the box. Look to your dreams, too, for psychic insight or surprising revelations about yourself.



Travel and romance are linked this week – the perfect excuse for a getaway! Even if you have to stay put, you’ll enjoy a lively and sociable atmosphere with your sweetheart. Share your dreams and pool your ideas for your future.



You are the perfect host this week and you’ll enjoy entertaining friends and family at home. Take care not to exhaust yourself though – leave some private time just for you and your sweetheart. Otherwise that saintly smile may well slip!



If your relationship has struggled recently, help from the cosmos is on the way. This week’s Solar Eclipse promises a fresh new start and a bonus helping of mystery and intrigue too – your sweetheart may surprise you with a wonderful suggestion.




Make yourself your own top priority this week. You need some pampering and some down time, so don’t over-commit in what you take on for others. Look after yourself first and foremost, before you can look after anyone else.