aries bigARIES

Think about how you are making your mark in the world. Does your career satisfy you emotionally and spiritually as well as materially? If not, it’s time to think again on that score. Don’t settle for less than your full potential.




How you spend your leisure time is a key part of what makes you happy. Think about taking up a new hobby or learning a new practical skill which you can use for fun. Life isn’t all about work and responsibilities – laughter matters too.





Your family history is on your mind this week. Whether you have villains or princes in your ancestry – or both! – the key is to remember that this is your life to shape. You can and should break free from the patterns of the past.




Empathy is one of your strongest gifts to the world; perhaps it’s time that you used this gift more widely. Think about counseling others, even if in your spare time or as a volunteer. You have so much experience and knowledge to share.




Yours is quite a materialistic sign but this week’s energies are teaching you that success takes many different forms. Think beyond your bank balance and your career title and look at the difference you make to people’s lives.



virgo VIRGO

Invest in your own self-confidence this week. It’s important that you promote your own skills, your own identity and your own values. Although you find it difficult to push yourself forwards, the world needs to hear from you now.




The Grand Trine energies are about your psychic gifts, your intuition and your dreams. Start to listen to your instincts more. Your sixth sense is highly active but could be developed even further if you choose to work on it.




Although you are by nature a private person, you’ll start to feel the need now to reach out to others in your community much more than before. It’s a great time to join a team or to work towards a communal goal. Seek out like-minded souls.




It’s time to stop drifting through life: you need a plan! This week’s Grand Trine energies will help you to set achievable goals and to scope out a plan for getting from A to B. No more time wasting – you’re on a mission now!




Staying within your comfort zone may be safe, but it’s also suffocating. You sense now that you need to be a little bit braver and a little bit bolder. Find an adventure and sign up for it – do something scary, something exhilarating, something new.



Your sign absolutely demands freedom and independence, but you’re learning now that within a loving relationship, compromises must be made. Find positive ways to maintain your own identity while working as a team with your sweetheart too.




The Grand Trine encourages much better communication between you and your partner. Old niggles can be resolved this way and a positive future beckons. Keep talking, keep learning from one another, and keep an open mind.