aries bigARIES

Take time out to acknowledge your achievements in life, whatever they may be. You’re very keen on pushing forwards constantly, but sometimes it’s good to sit back and admire the view. You’ve come a long way – give yourself some credit.




Take advantage of a short lull in life to examine your spirituality and your beliefs. Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to learn about new faiths or alternative ideas. Talk to friends, family and mentors and share what spirituality means to you.





The unusual, the weird and possibly even the macabre fascinates you now – and that’s fine! Take time to look into whatever interests you. Do some research and follow your interests. What you learn now may take you in some interesting directions.




Negotiation and compromise are important in love. Where you and your partner differ on something important, talk it through carefully, making sure you actually listen and hear what is being said. There is a happy middle ground. Look for it.




Time to get better organized! Work on better time management and scheduling so that you can fit work, family, health, friends and love all into your daily 24 hours. It’s not easy, but it can be done!



virgo VIRGO

Find something which excites you and pour your passions into it. You’re especially in tune with creativity and the arts right now, so perhaps something artistic or crafty fits the bill. Let your imagination soar and express your inner soul.




One thing at a time: sort out your priorities and choose to work on your objectives in strict order. You cannot do everything, all at once. If you need help, ask for it – but most of all, find the positive in everything you attempt.




Focus on details this week, especially if you have an important decision to make. All the information you need is at hand, but you might be glossing over some of it, deliberately or not. The little things matter; don’t ignore them.




This week’s energies are all about how you use your resources – but also about recognizing that you have and are blessed with so much more than you realize. Stop counting the money – start counting the joys instead.




Life moves into the slow lane this week, but this pause gives you time to gather your thoughts. Don’t be in such a hurry to move forwards. Slow progress is still progress, so just appreciate where you are and reset your sights for your onward journey.



That little voice in your head needs taming. Listen to what you tell yourself and force yourself to be more positive this week. There’s no need to limit yourself or to be your own harshest critic – instead, love your inner child and nurture him or her.




Stand up for someone who is struggling to stand up for themselves. Your social conscience is pricked this week and you’ll want to make a difference, however small. Your voice is listened to, so give voice to someone else’s situation.