There’s a very lovely, imaginative, almost magical vibe in the air this week, as Venus trines Neptune. It’s a very creative time, though. Hopefully, that will give us something to work with.

Compassion flows now and we’re easily able to tap into it. So if anyone seeks us out with a problem they need to talk out, we listen with great sympathy and understanding, even if we can’t provide a solution. Spiritual needs are strong at this time and seeking out reverence and quietude gives a calm, centered feeling.

Alternatively, the desire to escape the workaday world could be indulged. A romantic novel or movie would be the perfect choice. Don’t be misled, however – emotions will still be intense, especially once the Sun arrives in Scorpio.

During the Sun’s stay in Scorpio, you may get in touch with deeper and darker aspects of yourself. You’re not interested in the superficial instead you want to dive into the depths and uncover what’s hidden beneath the surface. This is a good time for the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

We also have Venus sextile, Pluto, this week, this is an excellent energy that strengthens deep relationships, helps us understand peoples’ motivations and spurs creative output. We exude charisma, recognize power and respond to animal appeal. Able to see beyond the obvious, to what’s below the surface, we grasp how others feel and operate and can use this understanding to accept a difficult person in our lives. Seeing the reality of the situation helps us deal with it differently.

Personal connections are highlighted now; even casual relationships have their purpose. All of them touch us at a deep level at this time. We feel powerful and creative, leading to a day of productive output and valuable work. Financial savvy and insight can help us recognize and take advantage of excellent investment opportunities. And physically, that attractive animal magnetism we feel makes us hard to resist. Enjoy!



This week focus on making something better. Pick an area of your life which needs improvement, and work on that with focus, intent and sincerity. Even baby steps will help – there is always something you can do to move forwards.




The Sun arrives in your love zone this week, so it’s the perfect time to tell your sweetheart how much you care, to make a romantic commitment or to express your love through thoughtful gestures. Less is more; it’s the little things which count.




Think about taking up a new form of exercise – something you can truly enjoy as opposed to endure! You’re being encouraged to make positive, healthy life changes now, so it’s important to choose ones which will stick.




Let some joy into your life. Get creative, get playful and get together with like-minded souls. Laughter is very healing and energizing this week, so be sure to spend plenty of time doing something fun. Let work take a back seat.




There’s a focus on family and the home this week which could see you entertaining a great deal – even if you’re not expecting it! Look for a link to the past which intrigues you, especially if it concerns the history of your home.




It’s time to stretch your mind, so don’t back away from an intellectual challenge. Your ability to assimilate information – always strong – is off the scale now, so it’s the perfect time for studying or for learning a new skill.




Watch out for emotional over-spending this week as the Sun arrives in your money zone. Spending money to make yourself feel good is a slippery slope – see if you can find other ways to bolster your ego instead. Look for support from friends.




As the Sun arrives in your own sign, the spotlight on you shines brighter than ever. It’s the perfect week for showcasing your talents at work, so don’t hesitate to take on more responsibility, even if it’s a daunting thought at first.




This is a much quieter week for you than normal and you may feel less sociable too. Learn to love your own company and to value peaceful moments doing nothing much at all. You’d miss this tranquillity if it never came around.




The theme this week is teamwork, which can be difficult for you at times – you much prefer to rely on your own talents instead of having to work with others. Persevere if you can, as there are benefits now to sharing the credit – and the blame.




Make some bold moves in your career and take advantage of a surge of self-confidence. If you’ve been thinking about changing direction at work, this week’s energies may well be the push you’ve been waiting for.




What you used to think was right may not be right any longer – circumstances change, and so do our ideas and our beliefs, out of necessity. Don’t be afraid to change your mind or to walk away from outdated philosophies that hold you back.