After a busy few astrological weeks, the celestial scene is much calmer this week. Both Mercury and the Sun shift into sociable, chatty Gemini on Tuesday, so there’s a friendly vibe around which is good for parties, events and dating.

Gemini in Mercury

Gemini is the sign of communication and Mercury is the planet of communication so at this time it’s about bringing ideas together, putting people together and making minds meet. Communication, especially media and social media, will be of utmost importance. Studying, errands, communicating with neighbors, and short trips like the daily commute back and forth from work, will also be important this month.

There’ll be a lot of movement and activity going on. Gemini is all about small, but not unimportant, activity. This is also a great month to catch up on correspondence with just about anyone, but your friends, siblings, and neighbors especially. It’s also a great time to clean up and improve your social media. Go back and get rid of those iffy posts and update your websites and professional profiles. Those of us who write for a living usually get a boost during this month, as does anyone writing this month.

Gemini Season

With the sun in Gemini, communication and connectedness grows. Expanding your social network is a great idea this month, as it comes easily, and others will want to reach out to you, too. If you’re normally shy, you may feel more gregarious than usual and more willing to talk to strangers.




Your words have true power now, so use them wisely! Speak up on behalf of a cause dear to your heart or get back in touch with a long-lost friend. Communicating with the wider world just got a whole lot easier – and more meaningful.




The spotlight is now on nurturing your own self-confidence. Sometimes you put yourself down much too easily. Choose to focus on the things you do well and the areas where you shine. You have so many strengths. Pump yourself up!




This week’s energies are tailor-made for you and you’ll be in your element mixing with a wide cross-section of people. It’s an easy time to make new friends and also an excellent time for meeting a new potential love interest, if you’re single.




Look for signs, signals and symbols in your dreams, your daydreams and your random thoughts during the day. The universe is trying to communicate with you. There’s a rich depth of learning available here to you, but first you must listen.




Spread your social wings. This is a great time to meet new people and teamwork is also well starred. You can do more together than you can alone. With your leadership abilities shining, maybe it’s time to take charge of a group of like-minded souls.




You’ve been the power behind someone else’s success for a while now, but the cosmos urges you now to highlight your own abilities and to take credit for what you have been doing. You’re not a supporting act – you’re a star.




A fascination with other cultures or with myths and legends takes hold this week, so don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting to know more. If you’re single, there are hints of a long-distance relationship here, or even a date with someone foreign.




You could be a fantastic mentor this week, especially to someone who is going through a trauma. You know how that feels and you’re able to help them give voice to their feelings and needs. Stand up for someone in trouble as only you can.




It’s all about the romance this week, as the Sun shifts into your love zone. You’ll feel an upsurge in warmth and affection with your significant other, and this would be an amazing time for a wedding or engagement.




Streamline your desk and your working practices. There’s too much clutter and you can’t think clearly. Investigate time saving methods of working or simply work on improving your own time management. It’s all about efficiency now.




Let your inner child out to play. There’s a youthful exuberance in the air this week and you can learn much from the younger generation – and they from you. Fun and games carry a much deeper healing purpose than you realize.




Many blessings surround your family life this week and there could be good news from a family member. There’s a sense of optimism and much to look forward to. Draw your loved ones close and enjoy the companionship.