The week starts out with a very seductive Venus/Pluto trine which means A flirtation could go a lot deeper at this time. If you begin a new relationship during this transit, expect it to be emotionally intense.

A highly sociable Gemini New Moon casts a cheerful vibe through this week, helped by Venus’ arrival in the same sign at the end of the week so it’s a great time for entertaining. During this lunar influence, you won’t be short on ideas. Your main challenge is to pick and choose the ones that are most pragmatic and beneficial to you at this time.

Then, begin the process of turning fancies into realities. As for Venus in Gemini, Venus smooth over everything she touches. Any problems with communication, commutes, trips, and relationships with siblings and neighbors will be smooth sailing. Consider walking about and exploring your own neighborhood. This is a time when you may discover hidden treasures and see the beauty of your town that you had otherwise overlooked or forgotten.

Call up a sibling you haven’t heard from in a while, or an old childhood friend. It’ll feel great to catch up and renew your friendship with either one. Venus in Gemini is especially good for writers of all types, voice actors, and marketers. Venus rules beauty, social harmony, and what people generally find pleasing, and Gemini is the sign of communication. Words flow more easily. Social media used for entertainment or for selling will get a boost, too.

People will be more prone to web surfing and online shopping for distraction. It’ll be fun to create a personal list of things one will buy, especially luxury items. Mercury shifts into sensitive Cancer, however, so some of us may be taking things more personally than normal.



Is it time to sharpen up your skills? Think about what extra qualifications or training you may need to really step up in your career. It’s never too late to go back to school so take on a mental challenge.




A fresh burst of confidence helps you to sell your skills and talents now – for once, you’re not hiding modestly behind the scenes. If you work, or would like to work, in a creative field, this is an especially good week for showing off what you can do.




Your energy and enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air to us all. People find you inspirational, kind, uplifting and funny, so don’t be surprised if your fan club grows considerably. Keep smiling and spreading happiness – go Gemini!




Don’t allow vague thoughts and worries to cloud your mind. If it hasn’t happened yet it may never happen; if it has happened, it’s too late to worry, just address the situation and move on. Take decisive action and focus on now.




Public speaking of any kind is well starred – you can certainly get your point across and in some considerable style. Look out for new faces who quickly become firm allies. It’s a week for making new friends and looking ahead.




The most ambitious New Moon of the year for you highlights some surprising possibilities at work. Don’t be afraid to explore an avenue you’ve never previously considered. Change is coming, so you may as well be in charge of it!



Expect to feel a major change of heart, perhaps on a controversial issue. Your values and ideals are changing as you learn more about life’s biggest issues. Being able to admit that you may have been wrong in the past is a huge deal. Be proud of yourself.




The New Moon brings new passion to a jaded relationship. If you have been struggling with love, this energy should help. If you’re single, look out for an intoxicating and highly memorable encounter!




A New Moon in your love zone is a delicious energy indeed, so enjoy the feel-good factor with your sweetheart. It’s the perfect time for a wedding, an engagement or a second honeymoon. Loved and secure, you’re facing the world with confidence.




You work best when everything is just so, organized, neat and tidy. Overhaul your personal and your working life now to make things more cogent, metaphorically if not literally. Clear the decks so that you can focus on what matters most.




The New Moon urges you to do more of what makes you smile. Find something fun to do and stop feeling guilty if you’re not doing something serious every minute of the day. Grab this energy to enjoy yourself and to recharge your enthusiasm.




Your home is your castle, so focus on creating a calm and peaceful environment where you can truly feel at ease. Redecorate, renovate or create a mini sanctuary. You need a place of refuge, so don’t allow too many visitors.