This week, bountiful Jupiter turns retrograde in philosophical Sagittarius until August 11th. This brings us all an opportunity to reflect on what’s truly important in life. Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8th, 2018. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, and it is here where it’s at home, where it expresses itself most purely.

Jupiter is also the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism, and Sagittarius is the sign of travel, higher learning, adventure, and philanthropy. Considering the heaviness of many of 2018’s transits, Jupiter in Sagittarius is a welcome wave of positive energy and optimism. Regardless of Jupiter turning retrograde it’s a breath of fresh air or a burst of fire-breathing enthusiasm.

It’s a pure expression without fear, without deception. It may be high time the world had an extra dose of unadorned honesty and a renewed thirst for adventure. Since Jupiter rules expansion, excess and exaggeration, during the retrograde things may feel larger than life or we may be juggling and multi-tasking more than usual. Jupiter is very much about our belief systems, and when it’s retrograde, we are more likely to follow our own path rather than be led by others. It’s an excellent time to clarify within yourself where you stand on any particular issue, and also to develop personal faith, self-reflection and independent learning.

Also this week, we have tricky squares to the Sun, from Saturn and then Pluto, warn that obstacles and dogma could be difficult to overcome. Power struggles are practically unavoidable today and it could be quite an emotional time as a result. This week is all about power plays that will seem to come out of nowhere, and they could blow up really fast.



Focus on what you do have, rather than what you don’t have, ought to have, deserve, are owed or simply want. It’s about counting blessings rather than chasing a mirage. Gratitude will open your heart and allow good things to follow.




Injustice of any kind rankles deeply now, and you’ll find yourself ready to take up arms on behalf of a cause you hadn’t previously considered. Follow your conscience and do what is necessary but be patient – this could be a long haul.




A friend or acquaintance may let you down badly but do try not to take it personally. There may be things going on in this person’s life that you don’t know about. It may be less of a betrayal and more of an unfortunate timing issue.




Balancing increasing demands at work is difficult if your partner feels left out or annoyed that you spend so little time together. You may have to prioritize your personal live over your career, even at a temporary cost.



There’s so much to do – discipline and organization are going to be vital. If you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and make a list of your priorities. Learn to distinguish between important and urgent: these are not the same things.



Jealousy and resentment will surface over an issue where you’re simply not getting your own way. Instead of seething and plotting revenge, take a more practical and lateral approach – find another way to get what you want.




Discord among the family takes up a lot of your time. You may feel irritated that people aren’t pulling together as a team. Fun distractions, like a family day out, will help to smooth over the cracks, but ultimately, you’ll just need to ride this out.



Watch out for confusion around communication. Somehow, the message is not getting through. It’s not clear whether there’s deliberate sabotage going on, or whether people are simply confused; either way, strive for clarity and transparency.




This is not a good moment to gamble – with money, with love, with anything you cannot afford to lose. Play by the rules and play it safe. No matter how angry or irritated you may be with someone, take the moral higher ground.




You’re driven by a desire to prove a family member wrong. Criticism from your loved ones stings you hard but the good news is that you can indeed rise above this. Focus on what you want to achieve and keep on keeping on.




Rumor and gossip cannot be relied upon, so don’t base any major decisions on hearsay. Your intuition is also not as strong as normal, so try to seek out facts and listen to those alone. Do what logic tells you is essential.



Money and friendship don’t mix well, so try to avoid lending or borrowing money. There may be a falling out where one friend is more or less successful than another – perhaps now is a good time to give one another some breathing space.