There is an opportunity for a flash of brilliance this week, as the Sun conjuncts Uranus although I don’t recommend making any permanent changes right now! It’s true that we will see things in a new way, and this can be quite exciting…but it can also be disruptive and unstable.

It is a good time to free yourself from unnecessary constraints and advance one’s most radical ideas. Reforms and updates go smoothly at this time. The most progressive and innovative concepts seem perfectly normal. And we shouldn’t let the excitable energy of this period pass by completely unobserved.

This period could be really fun — and it just might turn out to be the kick in the pants we need to get things going in a new direction.

Also, this week, Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, prompting us to seek to fix power imbalances. Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 – 2024 and this energy is about transformation in the areas of government and big business, and some serious changes to the environment are bound to happen during this time period. A conservative and more right-leaning way of the world is starting to transpire which is typical for the energy of Capricorn.

At the end of the week, watch out, for a difficult square between Mars and Neptune – when reality blurs with fantasy, tempers will flare. This is a strange influence, when we fantasize about bold and courageous acts but lack the guts to act on those fantasies. We’ve got great intentions, but if they’re never made real, they’re ultimately worthless.



To tell the truth or not to tell the truth? You may face a moral dilemma, especially one related to your extended family. Do what your conscience dictates, but it might be best to avoid speaking out at all, if you can possibly avoid it.




Dissatisfaction at work revolves around money and equality. Don’t just grumble about it – do something! Make your voice heard and prove how you deserve better. It’s important to stand up for what you are worth.





This is a good week to expand your education in some way. Being better informed will help you make a stronger point. Take up an offer of training or invest in yourself and start a new course of some kind. You love to learn, so go for it!




The best way to deal with past trauma is to expose it fully to the light. Emotions are deep this week, especially if someone stirs up painful memories. However, counseling, therapy or simply a heart to heart chat can do much to heal.



Well-meaning interventions from friends could cause issues in your relationship – to avoid this, try to keep your private life, well, private. Be careful how much information you share with others, especially on social media.



Work-related stress won’t go away simply because you pretend it’s not happening. Look after yourself this week and takes steps to heal and recover from the pressure you’re under. Don’t be afraid to ask a boss or colleagues for support.




A leap of faith is required if you’re to take an opportunity which presents itself this week. You’re normally quite risk averse, so this a big ask – but if you’re brave enough to go with it, this could prove to be a turning point.



Get back in touch with your roots. Looking into your family history may reveal surprises – and may explain a lot. Finding out who you are will go a long way towards making you feel stronger in your own identity.



Minor relationship niggles this week are due to a lack of communication. Don’t assume that you know what your sweetheart wants or needs. Speak openly and honestly and from the heart. You’re on the same side.



Financial pressures may bite, but in fact, you’re not earning anywhere near your true potential. Look into side gigs or think about starting up a new business, especially one using your creative talents. Your future is in your hands.




Feeling on edge? You’re like a coiled spring, ready to let loose at any moment – but instead of firing at someone in anger, why not use that emotional tension for good? Creatively, you could produce some marvelous things now.



Some family members have unrealistic expectations – try to help people understand the current situation so that you can all work together to change it. Tensions at home will evaporate once everyone feels valued and included.