This is a busy celestial week with two sign changes and a Full Moon.

Venus in Taurus

Lovely Venus shifts into sensual Taurus until June 8th, bringing an earthy sense of satisfaction to romance. Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, the most sensual sign of the zodiac. Venus rules beauty and pleasure, and Taurus is all about those things. When Venus enters Taurus, our desires are turned toward finding beauty, pleasure, and comfort.

Even if you’re prone to delaying gratification, you’ll feel more of an urge to indulge yourself.  Beauty may be effortless this month but watch the sugar. Venus in Taurus exacerbates a fondness for sweets, so if you already have a sweet tooth, watch out. Venus can bring beauty, but it can also leave you with a few extra pounds. Venus rules social graces and social harmony.

Taurus is the sign of staying put and making things grow. Taurus is easy-going and slow to anger. Venus in Taurus increases social harmony. People won’t be so incensed to fight or cause trouble.

Mars in Cancer

Mars moves into Cancer where it will stay until July 1st. This isn’t the most comfortable placement for Mars, but not completely terrible. Mars is the planet of action, the will to do, aggression, physical exertion, and the libido. Cancer is a reactive sign of nurturing, family, protection, imagination, motherhood, and origins. Mars in Cancer can make people more emotionally touchy and prone to snapping or even having childish tantrums. They can also be moodier, more territorial, and more overprotective of their own property, people, and family.

Scorpio Full Moon

On the weekend, there’s a Full Moon in deeply sensitive Scorpio underlines our emotional depths too but opens the door towards spiritual healing. Physical and emotional wounds can begin to heal. You feel in control of your life, as opposed to being controlled by circumstances. Personal power is central to self-actualization, and you are certainly on your way. If you have been playing detective, attempting to demystify a particular problem or issue, chances are good that some answers are starting to show.

Don’t stop your line of questioning. Delve further for a deeper understanding of the matter. Emotions are highlighted with this full moon. You are present, completely engaged in your close relationships. Time spent with loved ones can be more meaningful, as long as you don’t try to project your fears onto your sweetheart. Physical intimacy can be particularly passionate and steamy.




Take charge of the domestic agenda. With new found energy and enthusiasm, you can make your home run like clockwork. This is a brilliant energy for renovations or decorating, but remember: it is a home, not an army camp!




You can win almost any argument now that the warrior planet Mars is in your communication zone. Enjoy debating the issues of the day but be careful about using this energy too strongly in a relationship – your sweetheart won’t thank you.




An upsurge in your confidence opens up new possibilities, as you feel able to pursue avenues you’ve shied away from before. Both in your career and in any side hustles you have going on, a new level of success is waiting.




Wow, feel the energy! With Mars now in Cancer, you have more get up and go than you know what to do with! Take up a new sport to help calm your nerves. Forge ahead with a major new project, as your leadership potential is huge.




Don’t be surprised if angry outbursts come from nowhere and you have a hard time controlling your temper. Mars stirs up long-hidden emotions within you and these have to find an outlet somehow. Writing or creativity may help to soothe your mind.




Your competitive streak emerges, making this an interesting week at work and in your hobbies too. You’ll want to be first, best, strongest, fastest, brightest – and why not? It’s time to take your place in the spotlight – come out of the shadows.




Feeling ambitious? Set your sights high and strike quickly to move ahead in your career. Don’t overthink things. You know what needs to be done, so forge ahead and get ready for success.




Your passion for learning helps you to pick up a new talent, skill or ability. Beware of an obsession with something, however, especially one which comes out of the blue. Balance is important but could be hard to come by this week.




Mars stirs up passion aplenty in your chart but remember there’s a fine line between passion and anger and between love and betrayal. If you’re breaking the rules, you can expect a bumpy ride.




Mars arrives in your love zone, which is something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, there’s certainly plenty of passion and mutual attraction. On the other hand, arguments and tensions rise too – hold onto your hat, it’s an interesting week.




Don’t overdo it in your quest to get fit. Too much exercise or the wrong kind of exercise could harm your muscles and leave you feeling worse rather than better. Aim for moderate lifestyle changes instead – something you can keep to and sustain.




It’s a real walk on the wild side for you this week. You’re acting on impulse and not really caring about the consequences of what you’re doing. In many ways, this is refreshing and just what you need – but don’t go to extremes.