What’s your intuition telling you?

Even if you don’t normally get strong gut feelings, today you won’t be able to avoid them. 

A deeply sensitive Pisces Full Moon lights up the sky tonight, skyrocketing your psychic abilities and helping you tune in to your intuition.

Full Moons are all about completion. It’s a time to think about the wheels you set in motion during the Pisces New Moon six months ago. 

So ask yourself…

What goals did you set for yourself back then? What were the key themes of that time? 

Because it’s those themes that will come to light at this time…

Allowing your intuition to guide you towards the best way to wrap those things up is what today is all about.

And wrapping up those things today will allow you to more effectively harness the transformational energies of this week.

On Wednesday, you’ll feel a shift in energy as the Equinox ushers in a new vibe that will take you through to the end of the year…

On the same day, the Sun enters Libra, giving you a rare, highly balanced perspective. You’ll clearly see the light and dark of a situation and within yourself. 

Ready for an epic transformation? 

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