You must focus on the positives!

With Mercury’s opposition with Neptune tomorrow, there’s a strong chance that your worst fears will play on your mind this week. 

Angst, a lack of judgement and indecision are all themes of this challenging transit… And it’s a sentiment that you could carry through the week, if you don’t harness the good vibes at play…

This is the final full week of August, a #4 Universal Month, and the practical, forward-thinking energy is heightened. 

It’s your opportunity to make plans for the future and lay the foundation for the amazing things to come – even if your mind is plagued with worry.

And with Virgo Season starting today and a Mercury-Pluto trine on Thursday, the focus is firmly on your attitude. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and it’s up to you how you want to play the game! 

Come next week, you’ll launch into a game-changing double #5 month and the fun and adventure will be unavoidable. 

So, hang tight til then and get your cosmic readings and forecasts to take you through the week…

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