Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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Expect calmer waters ahead when the two Titan planets, Saturn and Pluto, finally move directly after many back-spinning months. It is time to move forward and clean up the battlefield of the previous weeks. The cosmic overlords ask us to adult up and tackle responsibilities ahead. After the chaos, we need to erect a much-needed structure in our lives. The mighty Pluto asks us to be self-empowered. So, ask yourself serious questions: what areas in your life have you felt powerless lately? Do you feel you have no control over your career? Your love life, perhaps? Money matters? Identify areas that are begging for your bold direction and take small and significant steps to transform the power play.

But, despite best intentions, there may be some glitches when Mars and Saturn square off. This cosmic reverberation signals to everyone to endure, fight harder, and fight smarter. Things might restrict you and frustrate you, but rather than go on a rampage, find it within yourself to have a little discipline and cool-headed patience on matters.

The fiery, full moon in Aries will be on a full battle gear in the sky and elicit the warrior in all of us. You may be handling situations that call on you to be independent and take up challenges in solo flight using only your resources. The presence of hotheaded Martian energies still burning in the cosmic alignment cautions us from impulsive actions that may have grave repercussions. Remember, take three deep breaths…

Love, at least, offers a comfortable retreat from all these tense energies. Venus unites with Mars in a fiery trine before she basks into the warm, golden rays of fiery Leo.  Expect red hot, sexy energies to get your romantic life sizzling to an unbearable Fahrenheit! Get out there, take charge, and play hard. Venus will be moving in with straight-laced Virgo next, so get your kinks out before you miss the train!

When Venus is in an Earth sign, it brings stability and security to relationships. On the flip side, she will be critical, perfectionistic, and nit-picking. Uh-oh.

This week, rein in your Martian energies and focus on the work at hand rather than allowing fireworks to dominate the sky. Loving and tender Venus vibes offer the chance to balance work with play. Harness these energies to keep yourself on the positive side!

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