Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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Lighthearted energies will endow a gentler quality to the cosmic drama as Mercury Retrograde finally exits rigidly analytical Scorpio and enters diplomatic, laidback Libra.

Venus is likewise taking up residence in its natural dominion of Libra; thus, the theme of the week is none other than love and romance! This sweet energy will impact all kinds of relationships, romantic or otherwise. Libra compromises and applies tact in all her dealings. It is a relief since Venus in strait-laced Virgo may have put a damper on everyone’s need to loosen up.

It is time to get out there and be seen on the scene! Get partying! Connect, socialize and revel in the fun, easy-breezy feelings since Libra has finally come home!

Serious issues should be answered with solutions, especially if it concerns your sweetheart. Fortunately, this week keeps you from sinking too deep and getting washed out by forceful emotional tides. You are in a position to apply level headed rationality in all discussions.

Venus, in its home sign, signals to everyone that it is time to get their romantic life sizzling!

Eliminate all doubts in your mind, and transition into a bold seductress. Make room for real pleasure in your heart!

Thus, it is a perfect time to follow the ways of the goddess Venus herself!

Start a beauty regimen and let your best features shine. You might want to get a new hairstyle or shop for fashions online. Now is the time to exhibit yourself in the best light, so don’t be shy!

Venusian energies will also figure with the coming full moon in Taurus. This occurrence further heightens the love, pleasure, and sensuality themes of the week.

But things might be a little dark and intense since the Sun is still in the dominion of Scorpio. Deep emotions could impact the coming lunation, so the key is to apply balance.

A crucial question to ask yourself at this time is what areas in your life have you been a tad bit too comfortable to the point of stagnation? Where should you apply more commitment and establish routines? The cosmic alignments are in place to encourage you to put a stop to negative habits and self-destructive actions. Embrace a holistic approach to your mental and emotional life, including your relationships.

Finally, Scorpio will be clashing with unpredictable Uranus so expect the unexpected. Curveballs might hit your way, and plans might turn out not in the way you thought. Flexibility is your friend.

Overall, the cosmic play above adds sweetens to the brew and allows everyone to experience the fuzzy feelings of love and romance! The strong presence of Libra means harmony and diplomacy in all areas. And, for anything that could go wrong, the Mercury retrograde is a saving grace that allows reflection, reassessment and review. Never forget the things you should be grateful for!