Feeling a little scattered?

Well, it’s no wonder. 

Over the next week, you’ll be put through a myriad of challenges as you navigate the opposing energies at play.

While the double 5 numerology of this month will make you want to surge forwards towards new and exciting things, this week’s transits seem to want you to put on the brakes.

Tomorrow fiery Mars moves into balanced Libra, stirring up a somewhat un-Mars like vibe. The God of War is not used to waiting for what he wants, but he knows he has to play nice under Libra’s rule…

The result? 

You’ll not feel like doing much at all. It’s Mars’ best form of defense when it comes to avoiding conflict!

And to make matters worse, at the same moment, the Sun trines Neptune, obscuring the facts and clouding your judgement…

By Thursday though, you’ll feel a little resurgence in energy as the Sun-Pluto trine supercharges your ability to get things done. 

So, you’ll be flying into the weekend ready to pick up the #5 energy once again and have some much-needed fun.

But you need to get there first, right?

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