Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

It’s a really busy astrological week (which makes up for last week’s quiet skies!). On Wednesday, love and money planet moves into Virgo – getting it right the first time becomes a sought-after virtue. Venus in Virgo is not the best time to find new love but might provide some amazing opportunities in existing relationships. Virgo is a critic at the best of times so you need to make sure you don’t try too hard to improve one another – love your partner warts and all.

A Venus transit is also about money – and Venus in Virgo is a really practical and sensible transit for financial matters. But you might also overthink things… and that actually might not be too much of a problem today.

The Sun moves into Leo on Thursday, allowing you to invite more fun into your life.

There’s also an Aquarius Full Moon (read the forecast here). This is an eccentric, individualistic period.

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