Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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Are you ready for a heart-stopping ride in your romantic life? Brace yourself because Venus is taking up residence with Scorpio. This cosmic alignment is going to take you to the peak of Magic Mountain. Prepare for emotional highs and lows. All the sexy drama that might happen is a recipe for some torrid kiss and makeup sessions. However, if you are the type who dislikes drama, a Venus in Scorpio coupling might be too intense. These two create obsession, possessiveness, and intense emotions. You just want the ride to stop and make a speedy exit. Adding to this complication is the sun in Sagittarius which enjoys flirting and teasing which can send Scorpio seething.

Scorpio also makes its presence felt with Mercury. For Scorpio, all that matters is the truth, and it will dig hard and fight hard to get it. Some themes that may come up will be getting rid of the old to make way for the new.

Venus will also be making difficult angles with Jupiter and Saturn.  It further intensifies already over-the-top dramas in love relationships. Watch out because even friendships may be affected. Expect insecurities to rise which may send you to question your worth. You might find yourself evaluating commitments and examining whether your love life should be taken to the next level.

If you’re single, you are not spared. You might find yourself in a nonstop rerun of past relationships running through your mind. You may want to grab a tissue box.

Jupiter and Saturn are conflicting energies. Jupiter favors expansion, while Saturn prefers restriction. It sends Venus in a topsy-turvy that is felt by all. Will it be feast or famine? You might find yourself in a quandary whether to play it safe or go all out. It is recommended that if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation in your relationship, focus on yourself first. Leave it for the moment since the cosmic gods are not favoring you with a solution this week.

You may want to put your attention to your passion projects instead of your romantic life for the moment. Mercury opposing Uranus may kindle your inspiration and help you come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

Overall, these cosmic alignments are rather nasty and might knock down your self-esteem. Stay grounded and realistic, and handle everything with grace.

It is critical to tread the middle way, and you may want to apply moderation for your financial health as well.

Soon, the sun will be entering Sagittarius, which is a burst of bright sunshine after the gloom. Sagittarius will be stirring up optimistic and positive energies which will help everyone breathe a lot easier. We sure need it!