New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2nd July 2019 IN YOUR TIMEZONE

  • 12:16 PST
  • 15:16 EST
  • 19:16 GMT (plus 1 hour for BST)
  • 05:16 AEDT (on July 3rd)

The Cancer / Capricorn axis that we’ve spoken about soooo much this year already is being activated this week.

Grandmother Moon will rise, dark, in her home sign of the Zodiac, her sanctuary: in Cancer the crab. Be ready, for a beautiful, and oh-so-necessary shower of wholesome, lunar energy is about to fall.

It’s a New Moon, so Create Space to Feel…

New Moons, by their nature, are invisible. To us, they’re undetectable by sight, as when Sun and Moon are conjunct, her bright side shines away from us.

So instead we see her shadow.

And by showing us her shadow, she encourages us to do the same. She shows us it’s ok to feel all the feels, to enter into the dark places and accept the parts of ourselves that are normally shunned. If you don’t allow yourself the time and space to do this, well, it normally happens anyway, and extremes of emotion can play out. Tears, overwhelm, frustration, and that angry driver up front… these are all faces of the collective shadow, rising up to be seen and felt.

Here in Cancer, emotions can spill overboard. So make spaces for yourself to let them out. Hold spaces for others too.

But this is no ordinary New Moon

This week, our Lady Luna will show herself.

Silhouetted against the shining Sun, those folks in South America will be gifted with the view of this solar eclipse, and the rest of the world will feel her effects.

Eclipses are a lot like very intense, very powerful New Moons. But more than that – they’re reset buttons, they’re a big flick of the on-off switch. A cosmic re-boot. And here’s the added extra – you don’t get to choose what’s being reset. But the zodiacal axis that this eclipse sits on gives us all a great big clue. This year started off with a bang – can you can remember back to January 5th, and that hard-hitting New Moon and partial solar eclipse in Capricorn? Now, six months later, we have the very same lunation on the opposite end of the axis. Instead of all that heavy, duty bound, patriarchal, long-term-focused Seagoat energy taking the stage, it’s soft, maternal Cancer’s turn.

So what does she have to tell you?

Cancer the Cosmic Crab: She’s Yours to Own

Cancer holds the nurturing, unconditionally loving, sensitive, empathic space within the mandala of the Zodiac. She’s the sign of the archetypal mother – the space holder, the witness, the home keeper. Cancer gives us our sense of belonging (and shows us where it’s missing). Cancer creates. She rules pregnancy and motherhood, processes of gestating life before and beyond its ability to sustain itself. Sure, you can look after yourself, but when the chips are down, that yearning to be looked after falls to Cancer. And when you see someone in need: a lost child, a crying friend, it’s your inner Cancer that holds out a hand. (And sure, maybe you’re not a Cancer Sun, Moon or rising, but this sign lives in your personal astrology chart somewhere – you own this energy too).

It’s the Zodiac sign of Cancer that epitomizes SO many of those inner, personal traits, urges, and feelings that you can’t put a price on. In contrast to the structured, financially motivated, rise-to-the-top attitude of Capricorn (and I’m not down-playing its necessity) the sign of the Crab is the glue that binds us together, human to human.

What’s Your Cancer-Fueled Intention for the Collective Future?

So it’s here that the Sun, Moon and North Node now sit together, activating this piece within each of us, asking us what we’re going to do with it. The invitation is to set a New Moon intention. To be held in Cancer’s warm embrace and reflect, in the dark lunar phase, on how you’ll let this energy channel through you.

North Node eclipses (you can read more about the different kinds of eclipses here) concern our collective future (as opposed to South Node eclipses which concern our collective, karmic past). So what you do here, now, will impact what comes next. For us all.

Make it count.

But Eclipses are SO Unpredictable!

Sure, the very nature of eclipses are their fast-moving, unpredictable, wild-card-style, so how on Earth can you set a firm intention, when so much is in flux? One of the number one cardinal rules for surviving eclipse season is to stay flexible.. anything can happen, right?!


So set intentions for guidance, clarity, and service

Push that ego out of the way for a moment, and stop feeling like you already need to have all the answers! You don’t. None of us do. Instead, open up to the idea that there’s a greater intelligence at play, which knows exactly what role is your to take on, as we enter into the new paradigm together. Instead of asking for that thing you believe will make your life complete in this moment (new job? better relationship? two fewer inches around your waistline) believe that the future requires something else of you.

Lift up your gaze, and open up to a higher possibility!

This eclipse, like all eclipses, has the power to uproot any of us from one timeline, and place us onto another. So instead of keeping yourself small, ask to play big.

Ask to be shown how.

Ask to be shown what.

Ask to be directed, clearly…

And when the light of the Sun peeks out from around the edges of that dark, dark Moon, and her gentle crescent of light grows over the coming weeks (and months beyond), look for the signs. And most of all, trust them.

Eclipse blessings to you.

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School



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