Feeling restless?

This New Moon has change written all over it.

Gemini, the first air sign of the Zodiac always brings a big breath of fresh air. And with a whole handful of planets also moving through mutable signs right now, there’s no escape from the transformation.

Ready or not, here it comes…

The New Moon will rise at 2º of Gemini, on May 22/23 at these times across the Globe:

On May 22:

  • 10:38 Los Angeles
  • 13:38 in New York
  • 18:38 in London (BST)
  • 19:38 in Paris / Johannesburg
  • 20:38 in Moscow
  • 23:38 in Delhi

On May 23

  • 01:38 in Hong Kong
  • 02:38 in Tokyo
  • 03:38 in Sydney
  • 05:38 in Auckland

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Gemini New Moon EnergyGemini New Moon: Pick up the Pace

Thanks to those thrice-yearly Mercury Retrogrades we all know and love, ahem, (Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet) you likely already have a flavor of what this sign is all about.

Remember those wonky travel plans, communication breakdowns and panic purchases? Yep, this planet (and its Zodiac sign) are all about the connections we make in life. Yet unlike a pesky retrograde – which is when we experience this energy at its worst – this Zodiac sign is actually pretty darn magical.

Yep, in astrology, Gemini has gifts galore.

And if you know what you’re doing, a New Moon in this high-speed corner of the sky is a ticket to rapid regeneration.

Gemini rules the mind.

It activates consciousness, bringing inspiration, insight, and those cartoon lightbulb moments. It also connects those ideas to others, which means its energy is collaborative and friendly, generous, and united.

When la Luna rises here in this sign, it’s always an electric mix.

The soft, emotional, feminine frequency of the Moon moves into harmony with the fast, intellectual pace of air sign Gemini. And this happens within each of us too – ordinarily, you may feel like either your emotions or your thoughts are calling the shots. But at this potent lunar time, the head and the heart are working together.

There are opportunities during this New Moon, to bring about change. Real change. Plus, this kind of astrology can work incredibly quickly if you know what you’re doing.

Here, the Moon demands intentions that you’ll commit to as She enters her waxing phases over the coming weeks and months. Run towards her, and She will respond in ways beyond your wildest dreams!

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Gemini New Moon 2020 Forecast

The past few months have demanded a LOT of us all.

We’ve been stretched, challenged, called to look into the darkest parts of our psyche (yes, talking about you, Scorpio Full Moon), and rise up from the depths. If you’re feeling strung out, it’s because these times are unprecedented – and it’s not only the real-life, day to day, tasks of working, parenting, and navigating an altogether unfamiliar version of 3D life that has been testing. We’ve all been processing the dark, oppressive fear that’s rising up through our minds and bodies, to be released and purged. (Even if you’ve not been feeling that directly, that IS how the Earth is working through us).

It’s slow, difficult work. Emotional work. Unexplainable work. Unrewarding work. YET… it’s happening in preparation for something new.

This New Moon gives us a glimpse of what that New Earth will feel like. And what it will demand of us.

Gemini is versatile. Changeable. Fast-paced, and exceptionally multi-faceted. Like the other mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) a Moon here offers us options, alternatives, and diversity.

You don’t have to do the same thing you’ve always done.

You can try something new.



Stop believing your options are limited. This New Moon will expand your mind, and will keep on expanding it until YOU put the dampers on. You have the choice here.

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Speak Your Mind

Sun and Moon square Mars in Pisces

In case the divergent energies of New Moon threaten to scatter your thoughts, Mars at 6º of Pisces squares both Sun and Moon at 2º of Gemini, bringing laser-sharp focus. Use this to speak your mind and clarify your position. Mars in Pisces is freethinking and expansive, yet offers a powerful strength of will. This aspect wants you to know the strength of your thoughts, ideas, and yes, your dreams.

Even the most off-beat, alternative concepts that come to you under this Moon have value. Try not to discount them, and instead, share what you think. You’re likely not the only one with that outlandish idea for a possible future…

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It’s Time to Build a Collective Vision

Sun and Moon Trine Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn has not long been in Aquarius (the Malefic planet entered this collective air sign on March 21st). Back when it was in Capricorn – which we heard SO much about last year – Saturn was the taskmaster and the symbol of patriarchy. The scapegoat for so much struggle. Yet here, it has the potential to play out a very different story.

Saturn brings foundations, resources, structure, and disciplined action. In Aquarius, that is all channeled NOT into upholding tradition, but into radical progress and collective evolution. What. A. turnaround!

At just 1º of Aquarius, Saturn is forming a beautiful, supportive trine to Sun and Moon at 2º of Gemini. This aspect will merge your individual intentions with those of the collective. And give them roots.

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Be Guided By Spirit

Mercury Conjunct Venus in Gemini, both Squaring Neptune in Pisces

In amongst the mind-centric energy of this Moon, allow your thoughts to drift.

This signs ruler, Mercury sits exactly conjunct Venus, retrograde at 20º of Gemini. Venus draws focus to a sensual, embodied way of being that counters the potentially frenetic lunar frequencies of this time.

PLUS, both planets exactly square Neptune at 20º of Pisces, further softening the flow.

This astrology wants you to be guided by Spirit. Neptune in Pisces is a highly spiritual transit, and partnered by both Venus and Mercury and their tight-as-tight aspect, your connectivity to other realms is expanding.

The invitation is to dive into your intuition. Use your mind, your logic, your heart, and your feelings and let all of these be fuelled by Spiritual oneness.

These times are forcing us all to strip back our expectations, our assumptions and our beliefs. What’s left is what is true.

Moon Mantra

Mantras are a really great way to call in the call in the air energies of this New Moon, and channel them into a focused intent. Use the following affirmation to remind yourself of your innate spiritual power and inspiration. Or adapt it for your own needs:

My life is directed by Spirit. I allow my thoughts to align with the greater consciousness of this planet, and become a channel for higher wisdom.

Repeat the mantra daily. Use it all the way up to the first quarter to ensure it beds into your psyche.

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5 Ways You Can Create Rapid, and Grounded Manifestations with the New Moon in Gemini

Like any New Moon, this is an opportunity to set an intention to manifest something new into your life. Ritual is a really great way to set this into motion, and be sure to take at least one small, inspired action towards your goal every day.

At the first quarter, be prepared for a challenge. Look for what has materialized for you at the Full Moon. And as Luna enters her waning Moon phases, release your fears.

Here are 5 ways to effectively channel the energy of this New Moon:

1. Ground

There are 5 planets in air signs right now – Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius. Plus mutable energy is on high with Mars and Neptune both sailing through boundaryless Pisces. So it’s likely you will be feeling very ungrounded.

Spend time out in the natural world, and if that’s not possible, meditate with the Earth. Visualize roots growing from your body into the Earth, and ask for her to anchor you. (Check out this quick meditation). At this Moon phase, this kind of deep earth meditation will also help to anchor your intentions into the material reality.

2. Breathe

As the first air sign in the Zodiac, this Gemini lunation is activating and strengthening this element right now. Air will nourish you on all levels. So breathe deeply. Take it in, all the way to your belly. Let it heal and invigorate you.

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3. Consciously Manifest Using Thought and Feeling

Mind-centric Gemini, coupled with the feeling-focus of la Luna brings in a rare opportunity to harness both of these manifestational tools together.

This means getting clear on your intentions for the New Moon. As the start of the lunar cycle, it’s your opportunity to sow a seed and commit to making something new grow in your life. Think carefully. AND, use your emotions too, to connect to the destination of that intention, and how it will actually feel when you get there.

The Moon (with a helping hand form Venus, also in Gemini) makes this easy.


4. Control Your Monkey Mind

Let go of the self-criticism.

Stop judging your every move.

Release the inner running commentary on your day, your month, your year so far…

Gemini holds an energy that can lead to frenetic thoughts and an overactive mind. Counter this if it starts to take hold. Resist letting it run the show. You are in control of your thoughts, so reel them back in.

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5. Speak Your Truth

Mars squaring both Sun and Moon is supporting you to be direct and honest.

Standing here, at the very start of the lunar cycle, can you set a precedent?

Can you speak up, and speak your truth?

Try not to apologize or skirt around what you really mean when you talk or write. Mars here for a reason: the planet of power and fire is urging you to be direct. And with the astrological winds of this Gemini Moon ready to lift your words into the ether, and manifest them into form, it’s your duty to make them count.

New Moon blessings to you.

Now it’s your turn to share: What is your number one intention for the collective at this Gemini New Moon? Let us know in the comments below >>

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