Pisces Full Moon rising over Dark SeascapeOn August 26th at 04:56 PT / 12:56 BST We’ll See a Full Moon at 3º of Pisces

After a turbulent and tricky eclipse season, the grand finale being that rare third eclipse in fiery Leo, this next lunation: the beautiful Full Moon in Pisces, offers us a deep and dreamy moment to pause and reflect.

As the 12th and last sign on the zodiacal mandala, Pisces brings closure. Its energy offers the precipice on which to stand and survey everything that came before this place we now find ourselves in. Pisces allows us to cast our eyes, minds and hearts over everything we’ve achieved up until now and appreciate how far we have come.

Six Planets still in Retrograde

The energy of Piscean reflection is supported by the SIX planets (including the minor planet Chiron) still moving retrograde in our solar system. Mercury stationed direct on August 19th which, for many of us, is finally allowing the energetic motion through our channels of connection and communication to flow once more. With Mars also moving direct on the 27th, just one day after this water-fueled Full Moon, projects which have been put on hold may now also fire into action.

But right now, we’re being encouraged to be still.

The energy of Pisces is soft, sensitive, emotional, mystical. Too much action and speed can drown out its gentle messages and the medicine that comes up to be tasted from this sign. To receive its gifts requires quiet and presence, patience and trust. So let the waters of this Full Moon wash over you, guide you and reveal what you most need to know.

Slow down and stay here a while.

Full Moons can be described as spotlights. They illuminate the pieces of our lives that are ordinarily hidden from view, in the shadows. What’s unique and so characteristic of Pisces is its boundless nature. (If you know anyone for whom this sign features strongly in their chart, you’ll know how hard they find it to set boundaries and not feel everything available to them). This boundless quality means that the clarity and understanding we receive at this time can be deeply revealing, spanning timelines, histories, dimensions.

Pisces doesn’t limit its influence to what stands right in front of you. This Full Moon will show you the past, the future, the truth in whatever form it takes. But to fully immerse in this sign, you must surrender. As a sign of mystical and sacred connection, this Pisces Full Moon invites you to surrender to the divine, to the will and wish of a higher consciousness. But how!?

Read on for 5 ways to surrender to divine guidance this Full Moon…

1. Be Present

Woman in Red Dress Sitting Watching SunriseFull Moons are always pivot-points in each lunar cycle and in the greater seasonal cycles. They are peaks, the precise astrological moment of Sun/Moon opposition… they are crossovers moments of stillness between waxing and waning energy.  So one of the very best ways to harness this energy within and surrender to divine guidance is to also BE that point of stillness. It is in this moment, that the messages riding on the Full Moon will be offered to you.

2. Don’t Overthink Your Current Circumstances

gif - if I could only escape my brainAs great, rhythmic, cosmic illuminators, Full Moons bring light. They shine into our lives, showing up what has shifted and changed for us, in the four weeks since the last one occurred. Tracking your thoughts, reflections and observations over each Full Moon phase is an invaluable way to track your progress through life, especially if the same themes stay in the limelight.

BUT, Full Moons are not opportunities to judge yourself. Or overthink they whys, the hows and the whos. Overthinking your life and current circumstances puts the ego firmly in charge and creates separation between the eternal, core YOU and the life you see around you. Overthinking takes power away from your senses and your heart. It fills you up with white noise which blocks the perception, awareness and insight that Full Moons are here to offer up!

So let your mind rest.

Quieten your thoughts.

Soak in the silence.

3. Call in Spiritual Allies to Release Fear-Based Emotions

Archangel Gabriel Sitting on top of Clouds Gazing UpwardFull Moons can heighten emotions. We know how strongly the water on our planet is affected by the lunar phases; and emotions are intimately connected to this element – when water swells, so do emotions. Which means that if you are already thinking along fear-based lines, if you are anxious, angry or scared, a Full Moon may just exacerbate your feelings.

This Full Moon in Pisces is steeped in elemental water, it’s lifeblood is the flow of emotions! So expect them to spill through your life over this lunation. It can be hard to handle such an influx of feelings, especially as our society teaches us from such a young age that it’s a sign of weakness to openly display emotion. OR, for those who have been silenced and taught that their emotional expression is too much, it can be equally difficult to feel emotions are even valid.

Pisces teaches us to feel.

Pisces teaches us to flow and express and let our inner worlds out. Essentially, Pisces invites us to open up to divine guidance. 

But, this doesn’t mean it’s easy! Feeling, in the way that a Pisces Full Moon makes us feel, can be unfamiliar, gushing, embarrassing, painful. So ask for help.

We all have spiritual allies who stand by our side, known or unknown. If you have Spirit Guides that you work with then invite them in. The veils are thinner during a Pisces Moon and the spirits move closer, so ask them to help you process the emotions you are feeling at this time. It’s what they are here for. And if you don’t recognize or work with any personal guides, call upon one of the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel resides over the element of water, so why not for her help and support?

4. Practice Patience

Silhouette of People Waiting in an Airport LoungeImpatience is a uniquely human trait. It’s an expression of frustration, due to a felt lack of control. BUT, in order to surrender to the divine guidance available to us all over the Full Moon phase, it’s imperative to also surrender to divine timing.

As the last sign of the zodiac, it fully embodies the principle of waiting until everything necessary has come to pass. The Moon moves through all signs before it reaches Pisces. It absorbs every progressive energetic signature before it reaches Pisces. And Pisces knows no different. It implicitly knows that its time will come, and understands the cyclic nature of time and that every opportunity will come again if it’s supposed to.

There is a sacredness to this way of perceiving time. And this Full Moon offers an opportunity to feel and see through this Piscean lens: If things have not yet happened for you in the way you desire, it’s simply not yet the right time.

5. Release Resistance to What IS

Eagle Flying High at DuskIt’s fashionable (and worthwhile!) during the Full Moon phase to set intentions -manifestation can actually be faster and more magical at the Full Moon, than at the New) -but there is a trap you must beware of falling into. Focusing on what you want, above and beyond what you currently have, can create a sense of resistance. And living in resistance to your life pushes divine guidance away. It’s like saying, “What I have isn’t good enough”. It creates a frequency of lack, which makes it incredibly difficult for the high vibrational information which is available to us over the Full Moon phase, to be received.  

This doesn’t mean you should deny genuine hardship or accept unjust behavior. It means trying to operate within a frequency of acceptance and gratitude for what you DO have. And because Full Moons are magnifiers, dropping resistance at these times will create even more of a streamlined and harmonized reality.

So focus on the good. Release the resistance that you have to it… I’ll bet it IS pretty amazing!

How are YOU celebrating this Full Moon in Pisces?

What ways will you be releasing the chatter and inviting in the divine?

Share with us in the comments below!

Full Moon blessings to you.


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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