Aquarius full moon comes as a transformative lunation just right after the high drama of Cancer’s new Moon. On August 3, the Full Moon will rise on Aquarius, which is the kingly Lion’s opposite sign on the zodiac wheel. Although the Aquarius figure sits in a body of water, it should not be confused as a water sign. This Zodiac soars high above the ether of intellect, innovation, and communication, which makes it very much an air sign. Aquarius has all the vigor and bright ideas of a zephyr wind.

With this Full Moon, the future can be whatever you want it to be.

>Aquarius is the sign of individuality. More than any others sign, it encourages people to break free. This sign encourages people to be their most authentic selves. To let the truth shine and to abandon all illusion and make-believe constructs that hamper growth. Revolutionary Uranus rules Aquarius. Aquarius is not afraid to stand out and form new beginnings and new paths.

“>Each of us holds a light within that will guide us towards our ascension. We have to step up and harness our potentials for full transformation. The Full Moon in Aquarius encourages us to unfold and tune in to higher vibrations.

Aquarius encourages us to break free of the mold and to speak our unique voice.

The future is meant to be a higher connection with the rest of the universe.

What will be your role?

The energy of Aquarius is forward-thinking and eclectic, and it gives its unique light this Full Moon. The rest of the solar system is in aggregation and creates unique systems and alignments that will assist everyone in harnessing the Universe’s power.


On August 3:

11:58 – New York

8:58 – Los Angeles

16: 58 – London

17: 58 – Paris

18:58 – Moscow

21:28 – Delhi

23:58 – Hong Kong

On August 4:

00:58 – Tokyo

01:58 – Sydney

03:58 – Auckland

Here are the most important reasons why you should manifest your spirit this coming lunation…

1. It’s *Actually* Time to Fast Forward

Mercury Finally Exits its Retrograde Shadow

Finally, after weeks of suspended animation, we are no longer under Mercury’s retrograde shadow. The weeks of retrograde during the past months have forced us to delay and be on the sidelines. Retrogrades are a time of introspection, but now is the time of implementation. Whatever insights you have gathered, now is the time to put them into action! The Full Moon of Aquarius creates an abundance of energy, creativity, and innovation. Now is the time to create new beginnings.


Sure, Mercury’s been moving forward for a couple of weeks now, but it’s not been covering any new ground.

Until now! SO now it’s *actually* time to get ahead. Finally.

2. This Is a Time to Harness Humanitarian Impulses

Proud Leo conflicts with its opposite sign which is Aquarius. The water bearer emphasizes communication and interconnectedness with others, while Leo is a creative force that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as just part of a team. These conflicts are amplified under the full Moon, where feelings and outpourings are illuminated. This cycle is a time for awakenings, moving beyond the ego, and answering a humanitarian calling. The creative forces and ideas that come up in this phase should undergo a process of analysis and rationalization to make them more authentic and potent. This lunation’s square to Uranus means prematurity should be avoided as well as unexpected changes.

3. The Full Moon Promises Fulfillment

The Full Moon is a great time since happy endings and fulfillment are on the horizon. The full Moon brings into full circle everything that has been started and planted during the new Moon. This is an emotional time for romance, fertilization, and relationships. Since the Moon is in Aquarius, you must open your heart to gain real freedom. To get full advantage of the new Moon, surround yourself with friends and loved ones who will provide you with answers to your deepest feelings. When others surround you, it is easier for you to be free of negative emotions such as fear, anger, and jealousy.

4. It’s STILL Leo Season! BIG Heart Energy Abounds

Still in the midst of Leo Season, the big-heart energy of this zodiac sign serves as the backdrop to everything you do over this powerful lunar phase.


Full Moons are magnetic. What you focus on now, will become amplified. Leo’s overwhelming presence here – the Sun is joined by Venus, Mercury and Mars in the sign of the lion – wants to shift us all into heart-centered consciousness.

Let it be so.

5. Full Moons Illuminate Shadows… So they Can Be Seen, Healed and Released

As you no doubt know, Full Moons have this incredible quality of shining light into the deepest recesses of our shadow selves. They can trigger us unexpectedly, or draw out the darker aspects more gently, if we play along. Either way, Full Moons bring opportunities for healing – and this one is no different.


Full moons are a time of culmination and completions. At this stage, the energies and vibrations have all gathered and ready for release. Now is the time to let go and make a new chapter happen. Full moons are the perfect time to look at the past and discard things that no longer serve their purpose. Make way for something better to come in and embrace future possibilities!

1. Tap into the Power of Creative Transformation

FIVE Planets in Fire Signs

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius
  • The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars in Leo

Fire energy brings passion, creativity, and transformation. SO much fire energy supporting this Aquarius Full Moon brings a phoenix-like quality to what we’re each capable of bringing into being.

Don’t be scared to burn down whatever no longer has its place in your life. Surrender to the fire. You’ll rise again from the ashes.

2. Perform A Cleansing Burning Ritual

Examine your life and make a full assessment of the things you want to change and let go of your life. The Full Moon is at the height of its powers, and it can help assist you in letting go of unwanted habits, relationships, and circumstances. Put on pen and paper exactly all the things you want to let go. Ask to be released from them peacefully and harmoniously. When you are done writing your intentions burn the paper outside under the light of the Full Moon.


3. Write a List To Align With Your Intentions!

The Full Moon is bright and illuminative above. It shines its brightest rays at the heart and now is the time where truth shines its strongest rays. Make a list of all your needs and wants. If you have followed the above steps, you will have the emotional balance to assess your life correctly. If anything in your life is not aligned with your view of the ultimate good, add them to your let go list.

This is no time to play it safe.

The Earth (and the skies) are calling each and every one of us to step up our game, and look to the future! But not just any future – the call is to be intentional, conscious and collectively-oriented.

Full Moon blessings!

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