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The Sun, The Moon, The Planets, and The Stars

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How do these heavenly bodies affect the way you live your life? For many people, the answer is simple: significantly. For others, the reply isn’t as definitive but at the back of their minds, there is that lingering sense of curiosity and a secret need to find out about one’s true self.

Essentially, that is what astrology does for many people. To help them find their true path in life using the influence of the heavenly bodies. Astrologers believe that by observing the positions of the planets on the time of your birth, they will discover hints or signs as to your personality, how people relate to you, and why particular situations occur in your life. By doing so, lessons can be learned and certain resolutions, if needed, can be determined.

Not everyone is blessed with a powerful clarity when it comes to career choices. For example, have you ever hesitated about a career move or thought twice before answering your grade school teacher what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? If you have figured out your career goal early on, it is never a guarantee that you’ll actually feel the same way ten or so years later.

Astrology reading can help you make sense of your dissatisfaction or indecision.

It could help determine the actual skills and abilities you never thought you had. Your astrologer can create a chart detailing where challenges and opportunities are to be found; what type of career you’ll excel in; what your professional goals should be; and how other people see you. By finding out what your restrictions are and what you’re truly capable of, astrology is able to point you to the right direction.

But life isn’t just about landing that right job. What good is life without a partner? Astrologers can help you find your soulmate. An astrological chart will be created to determine which souls you’re compatible with and which ones require more work (or as the phrase goes, “high maintenance”).

Astrology can even pinpoint the ideal days or seasons for romantic ventures and reveal the best time for opening yourself up more to the opposite sex. This then gives you better chances of finding your one true partner in life.

And finally, astrology can help you get ready for the coming year. By showing you where your best opportunities are and what challenges await you, you’re able to take action and form resolutions in the most effective way possible.

The Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the stars may be in perfect alignment or in the perfect positions to help you find your way in life. But ultimately, the power to change your life’s direction where you want it to be lies within you.


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